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To ensure your business trip to Northern Ireland is optimised for success, make sure you book a corporate serviced apartment in Belfast with SilverDoor Apartments. With years of experience behind us, an excellent reputation within the global corporate community and a first-class service, we are sure that once you book with us you will keep coming back. With our range of serviced apartments in Belfast you can enjoy your business trip, confident in the knowledge that your living quarters are convenient, comfortable and catered to your exact requirements.

What is a serviced apartment?

Blending hotel quality service with private rental convenience and luxury, serviced apartments are designed to be a home from home for guests. Affording all the comforts and conveniences not typically found in hotels or other forms of temporary accommodation. For this reason, and many more, serviced apartments lend themselves to corporate travellers perfectly. The benefits our apartments offer business travellers include:

  • Excellent value. Our serviced apartments are more affordable than hotel suites offering similar size and features. This affordability is only improved the longer you stay, as beyond a certain threshold our apartments benefit from a tax cut which is passed onto the booker. This makes our apartments especially excellent value for relocating colleagues in need of long-term temporary accommodation while waiting for permanent residences.
  • Plentiful space. Contrasting with typical hotel rooms, serviced apartments offer expansive living spaces with designated areas allowing for multiple uses. A separate area in which to properly relax is essential while travelling on business, and also allows for working in a quiet space away from bustling hotel corridors. A fully fitted kitchen means guests can cook to their own schedule and save money on expensive daily dining. A living area means you can have caught up with colleagues or even entertain family and friends during your travels.
  • Luxury convenience. With multiple on-site amenities available with the majority of our apartments, often there are luxury facilities you can indulge in at no extra cost. These can include gymnasiums, swimming pools, conference rooms, 24-hour receptions and even on-site parking.

Ready to book your stay in Belfast? Call us today for a personalised, efficient service and arrange your ideal serviced apartment in Belfast for your next business trip.

View of the Titanic visitor centre in Belfast

What do I need to know about staying in Belfast?

With a population of over 330,000 residents, Belfast is Northern Ireland’s largest city, and its capital. Still a major port city today, Belfast has commercial and industrial docks meaning trade in and out of the city is strong.

Transport for Belfast

Although popular with car users (with a recent survey showing that 77% of all journeys in the city are made by car), Belfast does provide city buses operated by Translink Metro, as well as a train service connecting the city with its suburbs, as well as the Enterprise which connects the city with Dublin.  

Weather in Belfast

As is typical for Great Britain, Belfast experiences cool and cloudy summers, peaking at 72F when exceptionally hot. The city has a windy climate year-round, but in winter the weather is particularly unforgiving, with very cold temperatures and heavy cloud cover reducing the temperature to 29F at times.

Why choose SilverDoor Belfast apartments?

As the world’s leading provider of corporate serviced apartments, SilverDoor Apartments specialised exclusively in corporate properties – meaning we have a wealth of industry and client knowledge. This enables us to source the very best properties which we know will be suitable for our clients – selecting only the highest quality apartments available. Unlike our competitors who offer blanket available properties with no specification for corporate suitability or necessary quality control, we invest heavily in establishing excellent relationships with our partners to ensure only the finest, tailored accommodation in Belfast is allocated to our clients. Booking your Belfast serviced apartment with us will also provide the below benefits:

  • A vast portfolio. We have the largest portfolio of serviced apartments in the world thanks to our extensive network of connections within the corporate serviced apartment sector. With these strong relationships in place, we are able to source the very best apartments for our clients and often negotiate the best rates available. Even if a client requires accommodation in a location we do not currently cover, we can work fast to source the best properties. For large bookings, we even send members of our team to new sites to assess their suitability for clients.
  • Exceptional service. We pride ourselves on our world-class service which is at the heart of everything we do. With dedicated, in-house teams dedicated to managing accounts, forming relationships with clients and providing efficient, around the clock service, it is no wonder that we consistently receive top-rated reviews – with a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot indicating the popularity of our service. With offices across the world, we are able to offer 24-hour enquiry response, meaning with SilverDoor you and your colleagues are always supported.

What else is Belfast known for?


After prolonged periods of instability with the activities of the IRA, following the IRA ceasefire in 1994 and the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the business has begun to prosper in Belfast. Large areas of the city have thus undergone significant redevelopment, including Victoria Square and the Cathedral Quarter. These and other developments (including two airports) have led to increased tourism in the city, with attractions such as the Titanic Quarter ensuring Belfast will remain a city break destination for years to come. Belfast is regarded as Northern Ireland’s educational and commercial hub, with its port, still playing a significant role in its economy, and many start-up companies are choosing the city as a base for headquarters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book a serviced apartment in Belfast?

    If your looking to book one of our amazing serviced apartments in Boston feel free to fill in our enquiry form. Or alternatively you can send us an email with your apartment requirements [email protected] and we will be sure to get back to you. If you wish to speak to a member of our expert team please call:

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  • Are there any pet friendly apartments in Belfast?

    We understand many people now wish to travel with their pets. We have a range of pet friendly serviced apartments in Belfast. This must be arranged before your booking and in some cases a charge may apply. Contact our friendly team today who can help source you a pet friendly serviced apartment in Belfast.

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