All you need to know about Sharjah

The Emirate of Sharjah extends 16km along the Persian Gulf coastline and for 80km into the desert interior of the UAE. Residents of Sharjah often visit Dubai at the weekend, as it is only 15km away.

The city has a population of over eight-hundred thousand people and contains administrative and commercial centres together with an especially impressive array of cultural and traditional projects. Distinctive landmarks include two major covered souqs reflecting Islamic design, and recreational public parks such as Al Jazeirah and Al Buheirah Corniche. The city is also notable for its numerous elegant mosques.

Al Wahda Street has lots of classy boutiques stocking the finest haute couture from Europe and the United States. The Blue Souk is Sharjah’s largest shopping mall, and Sharjah’s most photographed building. The Souk houses over six hundred shops within a showcase of architecture.

Sharjah International Airport stands out for its striking architecture and lush landscaping, and is well connected to all major international destinations. It is just 10km from Sharjah city centre and 15km away from the Emirate of Dubai. The majority of the serviced apartments Sharjah has to offer are near transport links of some kind.
The Blue Souk in Sharjah city centre.

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