All you need to know about Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen is a quaint town and municipality in Switzerland with deep historic roots. It lies to the north of the country, close to the river Rhine, and shares a name with the Canton of Schaffhausen. The city has a population of over 36,000, and is celebrated for its various Renaissance era buildings. Schaffhausen’s main language is German. However, many also speak a local Alemannic Swiss German dialect.

In the Middle Ages Schaffhausen was a city state that rose to fame through its trading of coins. In 1454, it became allied with several Swiss confederates, and, soon after was made a full member of the Old Swiss Confederacy.

These days, Schaffhausen has a diverse economy, split between primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Its overall employment level is low, and the vast majority of its residents work full-time.

The town has a total of two railway stations, offering connections to the cities Zurich, Frankurt, Basel and Ulm. It also has an extensive bus network made up of six lines. The closest airport to Schaffhausen is Zurich Airport, at 32 miles away.

Schaffhausen’s popular attractions include castles, museums, churches, cathedrals. Sights worth seeing are the IWC Museum, Munot Castle, Rhine Falls and the historic walking area, Altstadt Schaffhausen.

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