All you need to know about Lund

Lund is a city in Sweden. It lies to the south of the country in a province called Scania, and has a population of roughly 120,000. It’s part of Sweden’s largest agricultural district, home to Sankt Hans Hill and the Höje River.

The city was first established in around 990, and has come to be known for its education. It boasts the well-known academic institution, Lund University - which has played host to many famous literary and intellectual figures throughout the ages. Lund  is also a hub for classical music, with its many choirs and churches.

Lund offers many parks and gardens, most notably Lundagård. This it combines with beautiful city squares, including Stortorget and Martenstorget. Some of its most popular attractions are Lund Cathedral, All Saints Church and the Museum of Life.

Lund’s roads are well connected and offer reliable motorway access. The city is, likewise, celebrated for its cycling infrastructure. Its main railway station, Lund Central, is one of Sweden’s busiest and offers direct services to many of Sweden’s largest cities. Malmo Airport is the closest airport to Lund, and is located approximately 16 miles from the city.

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