All you need to know about Cape Town

As one of the world’s leading emerging economies, Cape Town is playing host to more and more business travellers each year. As the capital of South Africa, it is absolutely imperative that as the world’s leading serviced apartment provider, we have an extensive collection of fully furnished apartments in Cape Town. Our serviced apartments in Cape Town combine locality with some of the city’s business hotspots and wonderful accommodation.

Why choose a SilverDoor Cape Town apartment?

With just over 20 years’ experience in the serviced apartment industry, we can comprehensively say we know what makes the perfect business stay anywhere in the world. Whether you need to be in the city centre or out by the V&A Waterfront, we have ample short term apartments in Cape Town. Over the years, we have managed to build up some fantastic relationships with property partners all over the world. This means that our serviced apartments in Cape Town have benefits such as:
- We have a verified and trusted service that is unparalleled across our industry. This means that we have either visited the apartments ourselves, or the properties are compliant with our rules, regulations and terms and conditions. This is a process that we strongly abide by and ensure that is accepted by every single one of our short term apartments in Cape Town.
- Our fully furnished apartments in Cape Town are ideal if you are looking for a home away from home, whilst travelling on business to the area. With more than the required amenities you need, our serviced apartments in Cape Town also possess some brilliant interiors which are sure to evoke a warm and comfortable feel.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments in Cape Town are an experience and not just a budget version of accommodation for a business trip to South Africa’s capital. One of the crucial aspects of our short term apartments in Cape Town is ensuring your privacy is guaranteed. Without the scheduled timings that a hotel may keep you to, our fully furnished apartments in Cape Town allow you to conform to your own timetable.
With the inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen, serviced apartments in Cape Town cater for greater flexibility. This can be in terms of when you would like to eat or what you would like to cook. This means that if you have had a long day conducting business, you can relax or cook within your own abode. Furthermore, a hotel room does not offer these amenities for a casual night in, relying on the more expensive and stressful option of having to eat out.
Prime for business travel, our long or short term apartments in Cape Town can be booked for any duration of time. This means that if you are relocating, travelling for a short while or staying in another office for a long duration, our fully furnished apartments in Cape Town have the availability and accessibility for a business trip to Cape Town. 

What do I need to know about staying in Cape Town?

Cape Town has steadily evolved its transportation network throughout the years and now has a brilliant transport system in place. The most common way of getting around is via taxi. This is a safe and secure way of travelling around the city and can be cheap through companies such as Uber. There are also trains and private buses which are both affordable and can get you to most places in the city. If you would rather commute to places on your own, then it is also incredibly easy to hire cars throughout the city. Cape Town International airport is approximately 20 km from the city centre and easily accessibly by taxi, shuttle bus, or hire car.
With minimal rain from December to April, Cape Town enjoys constantly high temperatures with highs of 29 degrees and lows of 15 degrees. There is more rain between May and November and lower averages of temperatures.
With its close proximity to the sea, a well-loved dish in Cape Town is fish and chips. Brought about through its British Colonial routes, South Africa’s cuisine is heavily influenced by British culture. South Africa is also well known for its gorgeous steakhouses and abundance of biltong which is often consumed as a snack. As with most countries, Cape Town has a very culturally diverse population, which means that there are plenty of Asian and European restaurants available.
English is commonly spoken in South Africa; however, the main languages consist of Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans. However, due to widespread media and the government speaking English, it is known as the most commonly used language. This is useful for when travelling on business and staying at one of our serviced apartments in Cape Town.

What else Cape Town known for?

V&A Waterfront
When staying at one of our serviced apartments in Cape Town, there are ample opportunities to explore the multitude of gorgeous venues for a business lunch. One of these is the V&A Waterfront. With a host of upmarket restaurant and boutiques, this plush place by the sea is perfect for impressing a partner, client or potential business partner.
Neighbourgoods Market
If you would like to head somewhere a bit more spontaneous and ‘out there’ compared with the V&A Waterfront, then the Neighbourgoods Market is perfect. Open from 9am to 3pm every Saturday, this market is full of independent boutiques and can either be a great way of immersing yourself into the Cape Town culture, or surprising a business partner with a gift.
Aerial view of Cape Town and Table Mountain

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