All you need to know about Riyadh

Riyadh is the largest city and capital of Saudi Arabia. The city has been classified as a Beta world city defining its level of development and importance in the world economy as moderate. Riyadh is known for owning the largest all female university in the world called the Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University.

Due to the lack of entertainment outlets, the city is very business orientated. The main business districts include Olaya and Suleimaniyah, where many offices are located. Two of the city’s most famous skyscrapers are located here called Faisaliah Tower, in the southern end of Olaya, and Kingdom Centre, at the northern end. Sprawling historical grounds are clustered together in the district of al-Murabba where the King Abdul Aziz Historical Park, National Museum and the Murabba Palace are situated. For shopping areas the most westernised yet still very traditional is Deira, where many souqs (traditional markets) and the Masmak Fortress are found. There are plenty of places to eat out in Riyadh, which has a good selection of restaurants serving various cuisines, ranging from cheap and hearty to fancy and expensive.

Public transport is not particularly developed in Riyadh, making the city very car orientated and taxis the recommended mode of transport for visitors. The Saudi rail authorities operate just two passenger lines with a metro system soon to be developed. Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport is the nearest airport, located a 30 minute drive northwards from the city centre, is the city's main airport, and destinations include London and New York.
View across Riyadh's city

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