All you need to know about Economic City

King Abdullah Economic City (also known as KAEC, pronounced ‘cake’) is a newly established city with both its citizens and businesses at the core of its development. A brilliant location for business owners to take advantage of, which companies such as Pfizer and Mars have already caught onto, the corporate-friendly city is ideal for a business trip. With new infrastructure, a state-of-the-art deep water port connecting the East from the West and the environment regulations offering smoother and more sustainable business, the up and coming location continues to grow and develop. Our serviced apartments in King Abdullah Economic City are the perfect base for you to stay when visiting on business; check out our large portfolio of short and long stay accommodation today.

Tips for staying in King Abdullah Economic City

The weather in KAEC never tends to drop below twenty two degrees, with the coldest month of the year being January. August sees soaring temperatures of thirty three degrees on average, as high temperatures over thirty tend to last for six months of the year. Our biggest tip would therefore be to pack appropriate clothing and lots of sun screen for your business trip. Additionally, to enter the city you need to have a permit pre-booked through their website prior to your trip, so getting this sorted is essential.

Transport in King Abdullah Economic City

The Careem is the ‘taxi’ service in KAEC which allows you to either travel inside the area or to Jeddha from your King Abdullah Economic City serviced apartment. At Jeddha, you will find Jeddah Airport, which will be your first point of contact when arriving as an international traveller. Alternatively, there is the City Bus which serves both resident and visitors and is the main transportation service that follows routes within KAEC. For this mode of transport, you can purchase a monthly pass if you are staying in a long term serviced apartment on business for 250 SAR. If you are not a fan of public transport whilst away, the IDRIVE service may appeal to you. It is the first car sharing service in Saudi Arabia and can be accessed through an application on Google Play and the App store.

Shopping in King Abdullah Economic City

The location is constantly adding new shops and eateries to its streets and shopping malls, with household names and modern brands appearing all the time. KAEC strives to bring a new dimension to the retail experience, offering a unique and vibrant blend of merchants, selling a range of goods to meet all needs. Each retail spot in KAEC, such as the Murooj Mall, has been carefully located and designed to create an idyllic shopping experience with glorious landscaping and views. For those staying in a long term King Abdullah Economic City apartment, you can benefit from KAEC’s forward thinking technology such as the KAEC Dash App; residents can order products and services from KAEC retailers without leaving the comfort of their serviced apartment.

Things to do in King Abdullah Economic City

Situated on the coastline, the beautiful sandy beaches nearby are a must visit when staying in a King Abdullah Economic City serviced apartment; Yam Beach and many other beachfront locations are at your disposal to explore, whilst catching a tan. The beautiful outdoor settings don’t stop at the sandy shores, however, as KAEC is also home to some picturesque parks. From Beach Walk to Juman Park, the luscious greens that surround you make for an idyllic setting to stretch your legs after a long day at work.

Facts about King Abdullah Economic City

The city was established in 2005 and is still in development to become the prosperous Middle Eastern hotspot it plans to be. Built from scratch, it is one of the most ambitious projects of Saudi Arabia so far and is planned to be larger than Washington D.C. when completed. The modern metropolis was one of four cities planned to forefront Saudi Arabia’s future once the oil reserves are depleted. The project is focused on creating a city which matches the modern lifestyle which the younger Saudi generation have become accustomed to whilst studying abroad. With changing statistics, such as more women than men graduating university shaping how the new city develops, the project is an exciting opportunity for many business to capitalise on and visit.

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment in King Abdullah Economic City offers guests space, privacy and flexibility during their stay. With facilities such as a comfortable living area, fully-equipped kitchen and multiple bedrooms depending on group size, step foot into your corporate apartment and feel at home. Luxurious and personalised additions are also available, such as on-site fitness and leisure centres, concierge services and specific housekeeping times at your request, to complete your business trip. Whatever specific requirements you may have for your serviced apartment in King Abdullah Economic City, do not hesitate to ask one of our helpful team who will work hard to meet your needs.

Why choose a serviced apartment in King Abdullah Economic City with SilverDoor?

We are proud to be one of the most trusted companies within the serviced apartment industry, with our track record for excellence shining through, and proved by our overall 5 star Trustpilot rating. Our large portfolio means we are able to match you to your ideal furnished apartment, whether that’s in King Abdullah Economic City, or one of the other 173 other cities we have across the world. Contact us today to find your perfect serviced in King Abdullah Economic City that meets your needs and the duration that your require for your stay. 

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