All you need to know about Jeddah

Jeddah is a city in Saudi Arabia, situated its Hijaz Tihamah region. It lies on the Red Sea, and is Saudi Arabia’s second largest city after Riyadh. Regarded as the main gateway to the holy cities Medina and Mecca, Jeddah is a bustling commercial capital that units pilgrims and traders with its industry and glorious coral architecture.

All the capitals of North Africa and the Middle East can be reached within a two flight of Jeddah, which makes prime location geographically. The official dialect spoken in Jeddah is Hejazi – which is a variation on Arabic. 

For centuries, Jeddah has remained a major trading hub, known for various precious goods like frankincense and mother of pearl. Nowadays, the cities plays host to numerous corporate offices and commercial developments - many of which can be found on King Abdullah Street or Madina Road.

Tahliyah Street is, likewise, a popular shopping street, home to upscale boutiques and department stores.

Popular Jeddah attractions include King’s Fountain, the Floating Mosque and the Red Sea Mall. Jeddah also boasts the world’s tallest unsupported flagpole.  

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