All you need to know about Al Khobar

Al Khobar, also known as just “Khobar” is a Saudi Arabian city located on the Arabian Gulf. The city is the commercial centre of Saudi Arabia with its key links to Bahrain and its waterfront. Al Khobar’s large shopping malls, beachfront and impressive architecture leads to numerous tourists visiting the city each year. Many businesses in the city are therefore focused around the hospitality and tourism industries. Serviced apartments in Al Khobar are a great way to spend your business stay in the city. Allowing for more flexibility, privacy, and space, Al Khobar serviced apartments are an ideal alternative accommodation option.

Al Khobar was originally a small port town inhabited by fishermen and Al Dossary tribe members. The area’s oil was discovered in the early 20th century and from that point, the city and urban area developed very rapidly. The city of Al Khobar quickly transformed into a commercial and industrial hub, with businesses and opportunists flooding to the area in hopes of benefiting from this newly found wealth.  The waterfront of Al Khobar was quickly regenerated into a corniche with parks, restaurants, attractions, and shopping.

Khobar’s economy is, like most of Saudi Arabia, focused on the oil industry. However, due to its popularity with tourism and being a shoppers’ paradise the city has many accommodation, serviced apartments, and hotels as well as commercial businesses in the city. The King Fahd Causeway also links Saudi Arabia with Bahrain, making it a sought after trade route for corporations.

Al Khobar’s attractions are some of the country’s best. Half Moon Beach provides a beautiful relaxing beach for visitors, with high salt content in the water at Half Moon Bay; you can float in the water then take a peaceful stroll along the sand dunes that run along the coastline. Serviced apartments in Al Khobar are perfectly located to help you access the best attractions in the city. The city is also renowned for its shopping and with the Al Rashid Mall you won’t be disappointed.

Al Khobar is served predominantly by the King Fahd International Airport and is linked to other cities and countries by the highways that run through it as well as the King Fahd Causeway.

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