All you need to know about Doha

Qatar’s capital Doha combines desert landscapes with glittering architecture to create a fascinating metropolis that rivals its neighbouring Emirates. This gleaming skyline of a city is complex and thought provoking, fuelled by oil and gas revenue and developing at a breakneck speed.  A combination of contemporary skyscrapers, oriental cuisine and cultural heritage, this shimmering city is the optimal location when picking a Doha serviced apartment for your next business trip. With convenient transport links, Doha is sensational stopover city but also features so much more than the label of a layover location. Here at SilverDoor, we have a range of corporate accommodation available for you to choose from; enquire today and we can elevate your stay with one of our many serviced apartments in Doha.

What do I need to know about staying in Doha?


As Qatar is a Muslim country with Sharia Law, visitors must be conscious of observing several traditional customs. Qatar does not allow visitors to carry any alcohol and drinking in public is prohibited, however hotels and licensed restaurants will serve guests and customers. Travellers should also consider whether your visit will coincide with Ramadan, as under Sharia Law it is illegal to consume food or drink in public in Doha during Ramadan. There is also a dress code present across the city; tourists are expected to cover their shoulders and knees at a minimum, including in the airport. Smoking is prohibited in all public spaces and violators can be subject to fines.

Transport in Doha


This glistening city has an extensive network of transport options due the fact that it is not entirely walkable and in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. As the largest city in Qatar, many opt for cabs or take the subway when travelling around as most destinations aren’t closely connected. Qatar is constantly increasing in infrastructure, with subways, trams and buses running in a multitude of directions to accommodate every visitor. Be sure to consider the climate if exploring on foot though as this desert city can reach highs of 37 degrees in the summer months.

Shopping in Doha


The shopping culture in Doha is bountiful, with a plethora of vast malls and expansive markets there is something for everyone. If searching for designer labels, the Villaggio Mall on Al Waab Street is a noteworthy destination, offering everything from gondola rides to ice skating as well as an abundance of stores and boutiques. The City Centre Mall on 4th street is also a remarkable option for western and Arabic chains. Contrastingly, Doha’s central market, Souq Waqif, provides an eclectic selection of souvenirs and regional specialties to remember this striking destination.

What to do in Doha


If searching for an element of escapism after a long day working from one of our serviced apartments in Doha, the Katara Cultural Village hosts concerts, shows and exhibitions as well as indoor and outdoor film screenings. If only staying a short while, 24-hour bus tours come highly recommended as an efficient, informative way to see the sights of the city. With more time, visitors can explore the area of Pearl-Qatar; an artificial island featuring expensive boutiques and elegant restaurants. For a weekend thrill, visitors can roar around the desert sand dunes or slow down with spectacular sunrises and clear skies, ideal for stargazing.

Facts about Doha


Qatar is one of the five safest countries in the world, with Numbeo’s Crime Index by City ranking Doha the second safest city in 2021 reaffirming Doha’s attraction to business travellers. This ranking marked the third time Qatar was named the safest destination worldwide in the last five years.  Not only safe but Qatar is also the wealthiest country in the world, with 99% of the population residing in Doha. Home to world-class museums and iconic art galleries, UNESCO world heritage sites and natural wonders, Doha offers a range of unique and authentic experiences for business travellers to immerse themselves in.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Doha with SilverDoor?


With over twenty years of experience and more than 320,000 serviced apartments worldwide, we are unrivalled within the serviced apartment sector. The depth of knowledge that we have developed ensures that we will have you covered when searching for your perfect accommodation. Our Trustpilot rating contributes to the confidence that we have in our service and in our ability to match you to your ideal serviced apartment in Doha. Whether you need restaurant recommendations, apartment information or location advice, we are here to answer any questions you may have. With a presence in 110 countries, we are confident that you will be in the best hands when staying in a SilverDoor Doha serviced apartment.

What is a serviced apartment?


Serviced Apartments in Doha are ideal for business travel, with a variety of spaces on offer we can tailor your stay to meet your every need. Our private, flexible spaces are designed for you to enjoy and perfectly arranged to make guests feel at home. With a vast array of corporate housing available, our portfolio presents something for everyone. Featuring facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen, living area and multiple bedrooms depending upon group size, guests can separate their work from their home and relax comfortably. Do not hesitate to contact a member of our team for any specific requirements you may have as we will work hard to accommodate your every need.

Choose from our serviced apartments in Doha for your upcoming business travels, do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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