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Tips for Staying in Lisbon

Transport in Lisbon

Undoubtedly the fastest way to get around the city, the Metro service connects the city centre with its business districts as well as its further removed districts. With a 25 minutes ride from the airport to the centre, the Metro is a useful tool for business travellers looking for a quick and convenient form of transport to their serviced apartments in Lisbon on arrival. In addition, the city has a tram, train and bus network that connect the city with other Portuguese towns and cities, as well as the Humberto Delgado Airport within the city limits.

Lisbon Culture

There are many cultural venues to enjoy when staying in one of the many Lisbon serviced apartments, including the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The city also boasts a range of musical venues including the Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos Opera House and the Centro Cultural de Belem which provide year round performances.

Weather in Lisbon

Lisbon, like much of Portugal, benefits from a warm and sunny climate, with July, its hottest month, receiving an average temperature of 23.5C and eleven hours of daily sunshine. The coldest month, January, only drops to an average of 11C. In September, the average sea temperature is 19.9C – making it perfect for those looking to swim during their stay.

Lisbon skyline at Sao Jorge Castle

Facts about Lisbon

Although the city itself seems relatively underpopulated compared with other European capitals, Lisbon’s urban area has a population of 2.8 million, making it the tenth most populated area in the EU. It is also considered an ‘alpha-level’ city because of its importance in terms of finance, tourism, education and trade, meaning business in the city attracts many visitors and the subsequent demand for serviced apartments in Lisbon is always high.  

Lisbon History

Originally a municipium established by Julius Caesar, Lisbon is the second-oldest European capital city. Having been ruled by Germanic tribes from the fifth century and Moors from the 18th century, the city was reconquered in the twelfth century and has since been a key Portuguese city.

Economy in Lisbon

The Lisbon region produces almost half of the Portuguese GDP. As a chief seaport and financial centre, Lisbon is a rapidly growing economic region, and is also home to the most developed mass media sector in the country, as well as several automobile manufacturers.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Lisbon with SilverDoor?

Booking serviced apartments in Lisbon with SilverDoor provides a host of advantages that our competitors simply can’t match. With experience in the corporate accommodation industry stretching back 20 years, we have the knowledge, expertise and contacts to provide the very best booking experience for our clients.

Our valued relationships with the world’s leading property partners means we are not only able to source the best serviced accommodation options almost anywhere in the world for our clients; we are also able to negotiate the best rates and conditions. Being an impartial agent, we never push properties for our own benefit – instead providing a dedicated serviced to the customer –our 4.9 rating on Trustpilot goes some way to demonstrate the level of commitment we have to securing out clients the best service.

With a growing portfolio of apartments across the globe, the best property partner relationships in the business and the best trained team in the industry, booking with SilverDoor Apartments is an investment with guaranteed rewards for your business and colleagues. 

What is a serviced apartment?

Lisbon serviced apartments offer the ideal balance of private accommodation and hotel-style facilities for an efficient and stress-free business stay in the city. Designed for optimum convenience and comfort, serviced apartments in Lisbon provide the ultimate home-from-home experience for our clients. With complete privacy and spacious living areas to call your own, you can truly settle in to your apartment and use its features as best suits you. From cooking your own meal, entertaining friends and colleagues to simply using the space to unwind and relax, the multi-functional aspects an apartment provides make them far and away the best accommodation choice for business travellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What facilities’ will my serviced apartment in Lisbon have?

    Corporate serviced apartments in Lisbon have a range of facilities that make your stay more hospitable, snug, and relaxing. Many of our properties in Lisbon have housekeeping utilities, cooking facilities, internet and entertainment such as smart TV's. Much of our corporate accommodation in Lisbon has laundry facilities, on-site parking, and in some cases gym and fitness facilities such as swimming pools. A collection of serviced apartments in Lisbon also have meeting rooms and business centres meaning you can escape to a private and productive space on your business trip to Lisbon. A handful of our apartments come with balconies and terraces and are pet-friendly plus offer on-site maintenance. 

    Here are a couple of selected serviced apartments in Lisbon that offer a good range of facilities. The Splendom Luciana is a splendid apartment that has lot's to offer facility wise including a roof deck, direct dial telephone, full hotel style reception, and fully equipped kitchen. With on-site parking and a dining area this corporate serviced accommodation is definitely one to check out. Saleh in Lisbon around 14 kilometres from Humberto Delgado Airport has 3 bathrooms, a private patio and a recreational jacuzzi/hot tub. This is a luxurious property that is sure to provide you with a magnificent living experience if you choose to stay here.

  • Why are serviced apartments in Lisbon good for business travellers?

    Lisbon's business prominence comes from it's pro-business policies and vibrant ecosystem. Its modern infrastructure and skilled workforce all attract diverse industries. As a gateway to Europe and emerging markets, Lisbon fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and international connections, making it a city where frequent business trips have now become common. Serviced apartments in Lisbon make sure that all business travellers have a high-quality living space to stay in during their travels. This is all because of the facilities that serviced apartments in Lisbon have on offer as they are a blend of comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. With lot's of space, separate sleeping areas, and fully equipped kitchens this setup allows travellers to work, relax, and prepare their meals in a personalized setting, enhancing productivity and comfort.

    Lisbon's serviced apartments are strategically located in central business districts, providing easy access to corporate offices, conference centres, and transportation hubs. This proximity saves valuable time for business travelers, reducing commuting hassles and allowing them to focus on their professional commitments. 

    In essence, serviced apartments in Lisbon cater perfectly to the needs of business travellers, delivering comfort, convenience, and value, all located within strategically advantageous locations across the city.

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