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All you need to know about Peru

Peru's national flag and Machu Picchu
Country Facts - Peru

Peru is located in the west of South America, and borders Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Peru is famous for previously being home to the ancient Inca Empire. Previously a Spanish colony, Peru is now an independent state and operates as a democratic republic.

The country has the 39th largest income in the world and, as of 2011, was home to one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The service sector accounts for over half of the national income, with manufacturing being the country’s second biggest sectorThe country’s main exports are copper, gold and textiles, which it ships to its major trading partners including the USA, China and Brazil.

Tourism in Peru has been increasing year on year, at a quicker rate than any other South American country. From the early 2000’s Peru has experienced a surge in luxury travel, with many tourists seeking high end accommodation. Serviced accommodation throughout the country is ideal for those visiting on business and offers a more flexible and comfortable long term solution. The majority of serviced apartment options are located within the central business districts, such as Lima.

Key Facts
Capital: Lima
Population: 30 million
Currency: Nuevo Sol (PEN)
Language: Spanish
Dominant religion: Catholic
Time zone: (UTC -5)
Main Exports: Valuable metals, Petroleum, Natural gas
Internet Domain: .pe
International Dial Code: +51

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