All you need to know about Panama City

Panama City is located on the south coast in the centre of Panama. Framed by the Panama Canal, Panama City is a thriving business travel hub and trade centre with numerous accommodation options including corporate housing and serviced apartments. With a stunning coastline, scenery, and national parks, Panama City is more than just a business travel hot spot, but a luxury destination perfect for your corporate trip.

Panama City was officially founded on August 15, 1519, and within just a short amount of time, the city had become a base for exploration into Peru. The city built up its reputation for a major trade point of silver and gold back to Spain. There were previously many attempts to construct the Panama Canal between 1881 and 1894, but the waterway was finally opened in 1914 and this became a key point in trade and cargo for Panama City. Along with it, the canal brought improvements in sanitation and health from the American presence in their canal zone.

Nowadays, Panama City is the financial centre and economic hub of Panama. The city’s economy is primarily service based with most companies focused on banking, commerce, and tourism. The city is responsible for around 55% of the country’s overall GDP. Business travel to Panama City is becoming ever more popular especially with the increase of tourism in the area as the industry brings in increasing amounts of profit each year. Serviced apartments in Panama City serve as a great alternative accommodation option for business travellers to the city as they situate guests close to these industries and major corporations.

Panama City has a plethora of things to do, historical sites, and relaxing parks and museums. Business travel to Panama City doesn’t just have to be about work, so while you are in this marvellous city, why not take advantage. Serviced apartments and corporate housing in Panama City are located close to these wonderful sites and attractions, perfect for your stay. View the incredible Panama Canal and discover its turbulent history, or take a walk to Ancon Hill which has an array of wildlife and views of the city.

Panama’s international airport, Tocumen, is located to the east of the city and can be reached in just over half an hour.  Buses are the most widely used out of all the public transport, with buses running regularly in and out of the city. Corporate housing in Panama City allows for easy access to the transport links that lace the city.

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