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Situated on the shores of the Gulf of Oman, Muscat is an important trading hub and business travel destination. Its location has always meant that the city provided a significant strategic location with potential control over trade at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Muscat is the largest city and capital of Oman with a population of 1.4 million as of 2018. The city’s architecture and rich history have also led it to become a thriving tourist destination, with plenty to see, do, and explore. Serviced apartments in Muscat are therefore becoming increasingly popular with business travellers and corporations looking to stay in the city.

Muscat can be dated back as far as the 6th millennium BCE with burial sites found throughout the area. The city was originally a fishing village, making money from the abundance of fish in the gulf. Muscat was acknowledged as a port as far back as the 1st Century CE and the settlement in the area grew as trade became more and more frequent between the countries in the Middle East. As a significant point of trade, the city attracted more and more tradesmen and businessmen and the port city rapidly grew into a large port. Muscat’s rapid growth and fast infrastructural development have led to the city becoming a multi-cultural hub with a diverse and vibrant economy. This, in turn, has led to an increase in serviced apartments and accommodation within Muscat to accommodate business stays and the growing tourism industry in the city.

Muscat’s economic base is mainly supported by trade and the city is still dominated by its position on the gulf and water trade between continents and countries. Petroleum is Muscat’s main export and up until 1998, with the fall of oil prices, this was Muscat’s source of income. However, in more recent years Muscat has been forced to diversify its economy and is now home to corporations such as the Suhail Bahwan Group which trades with Subaru, Seiko, and General Motors. Oman Air also has its headquarters in the city within the Muscat International Airport.

Tourism is Oman and Muscat’s fastest growing industry and this has led to a rise in serviced apartments and accommodation in Muscat. Serviced apartments situate guests close to a range of tourist landmarks and attractions, with so much to see and do in Muscat there is something for everyone no matter whether you are relocating or temporarily staying due to work. Due to its rich history, Muscat has many historic sites and beautiful architecture to see as well as a plethora of museums. Al Jalali Fort, Bait Al Zubair, and the National Museum allow visitors to discover the history of Muscat as well as showcasing its military powers.

The nearest airport is Muscat International Airport which is located 16 miles from the business district of Muscat, Ruwi. The city is served by a series of “Baiza” buses and taxis where the fee can be negotiated for travel. It is advised to negotiate once your trip is complete as negotiating before you get in the taxi can signal your newness within the country. Taxis can also be requested to take passengers to and from Sohar, Buraimi, and Dubai. Serviced apartments in Muscat are located close to transport links for easy reach of other surrounding destinations both in and out of the city.

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