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Corporate accommodation in Stavanger can often be tricky to find. Yet, as the world’s largest provider of corporate serviced accommodation, we have several excellent apartments in Stavanger, Norway. Our trusted and verified service, partnered with local knowledge and great relationships with apartment providers, really makes SilverDoor Apartments an unparalleled serviced apartment agent. With an engineering and oil based economy, Stavanger is a developing city which is starting to welcome business from all over the world.

Why Choose a SilverDoor Stavanger Apartment?

Whether you would prefer an apartment near the coast or in the centre of Stavanger, we have a variety of locations which can cater to your corporate travel needs.

All of our Stavanger apartments consist of a beautiful décor, fully equipped kitchens and well-sized living areas. This, combined with a variety of locations across the city, makes it perfect for either short or long term stays in Stavanger. With gorgeous coastal views and regular Northern Light Displays, our apartments in Stavanger, Norway are ideal for satisfying the needs of a business traveller. Our service from picking up the phone, to handing over the keys, brings benefits such as:

- A variety of different locations in some of Stavanger’s nicest areas. With some of our Stavanger accommodation being part of dedicated apartment buildings, this can often mean that fitness centres, spas and business centres are often included.

- Daily or weekly housekeeping, which means you do not have to worry about the upkeep of the apartment, whilst busy in the day with business.

- We can guarantee both a trusted and verified service. This doesn’t just involve the relationship over the phone, but we have a personal relationship with our partners, meaning that we only offer the best service.

What is a serviced apartment? 

A serviced apartment is a form of accommodation which is perfect for providing that home away from home. Whether you are looking for short term or long term rental apartments in Stavanger, the corporate accommodation that we have on offer is ideal for any length of stay.

One of the reasons behind this versatility is due to the inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen. We guarantee that this comes with more than enough utensils, at least a two ring hob, kettle, toaster and a fridge. This means that you do not have to conform to normal hotel scheduling for meals and can cook what you like when you like in the comfort of your own abode.

Adding to the homely experience, a serviced apartment in Stavanger, Norway will also come with an exceptionally well decorated living area. This is perfect for relaxing in after a long day’s work in Stavanger.

If keeping on top of your daily routine is incredibly important to you, many of our dedicated serviced apartment buildings in Stavanger include fitness centres. This means that if before a busy day’s work you like to get your day started by an early morning workout, this can be achieved through many on-site fitness centres.

What do I need to know about staying in Stavanger?


With regular shuttle buses to and from the city centre to Stavanger Airport, accessing our apartments in Stavanger, Norway is incredibly simple. On top of this, there is a fantastic bus service all around the city, connecting even the furthest apart areas of Stavanger. With other public transport services such as train stations and internal flights, Norway’s transport links are very well developed.


Stavanger is well known for its frequent array of northern light displays. Norway is a typically Scandinavian country where temperatures are close to zero in the winter and rarely reach above 20 degrees in the summer. Added to this, in the winter the hours of daylight are dramatically reduced.


Whilst providing cuisines from all over the world, Norway also has its own rather peculiar traditional dishes. With Kumla (tender potato dumplings), whale steak, pickled herring and Farikal (lamb casserole), Stavanger has plenty of places where you can indulge yourself into the local culture.


With the mother tongue of Norway being Norwegian, the country is similar to most Scandinavian countries where many of the local citizens can also speak English. This means that navigating your way around Stavanger is very simple. This also makes visiting our Stavanger apartments a lot easier.

What else is Stavanger known for?

Quality of Life

Norway is often famous for always being around the top of the rankings for the citizen’s quality of life. Whether you are looking at education, healthcare, development or their economy, Norway exceeds in all these categories. This naturally has a knock on effect to their tourism in that the infrastructure and transport systems are extremely developed.


Stavanger is a city full of history and culture. This can be seen through both The Petroleum Museum and The Norwegian Canning Museum. Furthermore, areas such as Gamle, Domkirke and Breiavatnet all have traditional architecture which creates a lovely Scandinavian aura around the city.

Outdoor activities

With all the beautiful scenery surrounding Stavanger, there are plenty of outdoor activities based around the lakes and landscape of the city. For example, Florli 4444 is the world’s longest staircase and provides some spectacular views. If you would prefer a less vertical scale, then Kjerabolten hike is an easier activity, yet ultimately still providing stunning views. 


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