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Find your perfect corporate accommodation by booking a serviced apartment in Sandnes for your next business trip to Norway. SilverDoor Apartments specialise in sourcing the very best serviced apartments across the world, and we work hard to ensure our corporate clients find the perfect accommodation to suit their needs during their stay. From providing a seamless, efficient and friendly enquiry and booking service, to going the extra distance for our customers to secure lower rates and additional arrangements, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our service.

Why choose a SilverDoor Sandnes apartment?

Choosing SilverDoor as your corporate accommodation agent brings with it a host of benefits. With over 20 years’ experience sourcing serviced apartments exclusively for corporate clients (some of which being the largest corporations in the world), we have amassed a vast array of connections within the industry, including excellent relationships with the world’s leading property providers. As a consequence, we have the expertise required to make bookings promptly and professionally – all on your behalf. Just some of the key advantages we provide include:

·         Exemplary customer service. Our team is composed of the best in the industry, and with our excellent in-house training and constant improvements to our service, our customers are guaranteed to receive the best, personalised service on the market. Our Trustpilot score is at 4.9/5, testament to the outstanding levels of customer satisfaction we achieve, and the flawless approach to providing seamless assistance to clients on a daily basis.

·         A huge portfolio. Our selection of apartments is the best in the business. We source apartments which meet our, and our clients’, high standards and requirements by forming strong relationships with the very best property partners, and also by visiting new sites ourselves to personally oversee the acquisition of properties into our portfolio. With this in place, we now have apartments available to our clients from over 1,000 cities worldwide, and can even source new properties at short notice thanks to our excellent connections and renown in the industry.

Book your serviced apartment in Sandnes today by calling our dedicated account team, or explore our site for detailed descriptions and photographs of the apartments we have available and find one best suited to you and your business.

What is a serviced apartment?

The perfect combination of a private, home from home design and luxury hotel services, a serviced apartment is an ideal form of accommodation for the corporate traveller. Providing all the amenities and space required for a truly relaxed homely environment, as well as the flexibility and convenience we all crave when staying away from home, serviced apartments are a far superior booking option than the inflexible and confined hotel alternative. The main advantages our apartments offer are:

·         Privacy and space. Designed with the guest’s complete comfort in mind, serviced apartments offer designated, spacious living areas for total privacy and peace of mind. Unlike a hotel room located near busy corridors and elevators, serviced apartments offer serene private spaces to allow for a home from home experience. The range of fully fitted rooms also means our guests can live on their own schedule – with the option to rest, work, entertain, cook and sleep in the comfort of their own quarters.

·         Amazing value. Benefitting from a reduced nightly rate as standard when compared with hotel suites offering a similar level of space and amenities, serviced apartments also benefit from, further cost reductions once a certain duration threshold is  passed. This comes in the form of a nightly tax reduction which is passed onto the client. This makes our apartments even more cost effective for longer stay, for example for a relocating colleagues in need of long term accommodation whilst awaiting a permanent residence.

·         Quality services included. Many of our apartments come with on-site features included in the price. These services are designed to make your stay more enjoyable and convenient, meaning you can, for instance, continue your fitness regime during your stay by making the most of an on-site fitness centre or swimming pool. Similarly, many properties benefit from additional work spaces, conference rooms and additional features such as parking and private cinema rooms.

What do I need to know about staying in Sandnes?

Located in the Rogaland county area of Norway, Sandnes has a population of over 75,000, making it the 8th most populous municipality in Norway. With much of this growth having happened in the last decade (which saw a population increase of over 24%), the area is becoming more popular for business travellers as the area continues to grow.


For many years Sandnes was home to the bicycle manufacturer Øglænd DBS, and the city is still known as Norway’s bicycle city. Today the city has strong industry in the Ganddal area, and also benefits from the nearby Stavanger’s oil exploration in the North Sea. It is thought that approximately 30% of the town’s population is employed in Stavanger.


As can be expected for a Norwegian city, Sandnes experiences very cold and long winters, in which temperature plummet to 14F. Over the course of the year the temperature fluctuates between 29F to 65F, and summers are usually quite cool and cloudy.

What else is Sandnes known for?

The city’s name is derived from the ‘Sandnaes’ farm (which covered the land the city is built on). ‘Sand’ means ‘sandy beach’ and ‘nes’ means ‘headland’. The city was first granted small seaport city status in 1860, initially having just 440 residents.


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