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Why choose a SilverDoor Haugesund apartment?

Of all serviced apartment providers, SilverDoor offers the largest collection of quality properties across the globe thanks to our fantastic reputation and relationships with hundreds of the best property partners in the world. With 20 years’ experience working exclusively with corporate clients, we simply have the best contacts, knowledge and expertise in the business. With a multitude of five star reviews maintaining our 4.9/5 Trustpilot score, customer satisfaction is second nature to us – and is at the core of everything we do. Some of the key benefits to our service include:

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What is a serviced apartment?

Forming a balanced blend of hotel standard services and comfortable private rented residence, a serviced apartment has all of the best features of available accommodation in one idealised property. With a flexible and spacious place to call home, our apartments are especially useful for the corporate traveller, who will often require a place of peace and privacy in between busy appointments in an unfamiliar destination. We consider the most beneficial aspects of our properties to be:

·         The flexibility and privacy they afford. A serviced apartment ultimately provides a vastly superior living arrangement – with spacious, dedicated living areas within private and secluded areas (unlike a busy hotel corridor). In one of our apartments you can make yourself at home straight away – with all the home comforts around you to settle in fully (including a full living space and fully fitted kitchen as opposed to a single chair and coffee making area). The option to work, rest, cook or entertain in your own luxury space makes all the difference between business appointments, and allows you to fully rest, relax and recuperate after long distance travelling.

·         The fantastic value. Compared with hotel suites offering a similar service and size (which in itself is hard to find) our apartments are considerable better priced. As the average nightly rate is lower as standard, so too are the longer term savings. Bookings beyond a certain threshold receive further discounts in the form of a tax reduction which is passed onto the guest – making our apartments ideal for relocating colleagues in need of long-term temporary accommodation while awaiting a permanent residence.

·         The range of services they provide. Serviced apartments in Hauesund and indeed across the world often come with a host of onsite amenities and services as standard, which are completely free for the guest to utilise. These can include features such as swimming pools, fitness centres, spas, conference rooms, meeting rooms and even private cinemas. If you are someone who likes to keep up a fitness regime when you are travelling away, serviced apartments are perfect for you.

What do I need to know about staying in Haugesund?

Haugesund is the population centre of the Haugaland region in the northern Rogasland area of Norway. A relatively small conurbation, Haugaland has a population of approximately 37,000.


The city is serviced by Haugesund Airport which is located on the island of Karmoy. The main connection to the city comes in the form of regular flights from Oslo. Nearby is the European Route E39, making travel via car relatively straight forward. Long distance bus routes can also be taken from the city to Oslo and Bergen.


Open to the extremities of Norwegian weather, Haugesund has only short, cool summers, whereas the winters are long and very cold and windy – with temperatures dropping to 16F. Rain is common year round but the best type for warm weather is July to August.

What else is Haugesund known for?


The area is famed for its involvement in Viking battles – and is close to the town of Avaldsnes, where the first Viking king of Norway, Harald Fairhair, had a home. A national monument at Haraldshaugen commemorates the 1000th anniversary of the battle which ultimately united Norway under a single monarch. 


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