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Visiting the Netherlands on business? Look no further than our selection of luxurious corporate serviced apartments in Haarlem. Our business accommodation in Haarlem has been specially chosen for its suitability to corporate travellers; offering everything our clients could require on their trip away. As world leaders in the corporate housing sector, we have the expertise and portfolio to ensure your stay in Haarlem is as comfortable and convenient as possible. Discover more about why a SilverDoor serviced apartment is the best choice your for corporate stays in Haarlem and elsewhere in the world. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Haarlem apartment? 

We have catered exclusively to corporate clients for 20 years, and during that time have accrued invaluable expertise in the sector. Serving some of the largest corporations in the world, our high standards match those of our valued customers who use our services time after time. With an incredible 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, we are proud of our diligent, first rate service and are always working to ensure our clients have the best possible experience, both with the booking service we provide, and the aftercare service – including ensuring everything with their serviced apartment is correct upon arrival. This duty of care extends to all areas of our service, which offers the following benefits:

An expanding portfolio. Key to our success is the excellent relationships we build with our trusted property partners. With the largest selection of serviced apartments in the world, we are able to cater to virtually any location request and provide quality, safe and convenient bookings on demand. Even when clients request a stay in a location not currently on our books, we work fast with our partners to source new properties at excellent rates. Being completely impartial, we always look at what is best for our clients, and will even negotiate the best possible rates on their behalf. 
World class service. Our entire business model is centred around excellent customer service. With a dedicated in-house staff totally orientated on providing the best service in the industry, it’s not hard to see why we consistently secure the best client and partner relationships. We have offices across the world, enabling us to provide area specific expertise, as well as a 24 hour available team to handle enquiries thanks to the time zones we cover. Simply put, we don’t believe you find a more helpful, professional, friendly and task orientated service anywhere else in the industry. 

Begin your business journey to the Netherlands – book a luxury serviced apartment in Haarlem today. Call a member of our dedicated team for fast and friendly service, and the best rates possible. 

What is a serviced apartment? 

Furnished apartments offer a unique blend of hotel level services, offering the maximum convenience, with private rented apartments, offering space and luxury to use as you wish. We find that clients who use serviced apartments for the first time, having historically used limited hotel rooms, never look back. The comparative benefits of serviced apartments for corporate travellers are limitless, but a few of the key advantages they provide are listed below:

Incredible value. Like for like, serviced apartments are more affordable compared with hotels offering an equivalent number of services and room space. Of course, a hotel doesn’t offer the true sense of homeliness as a serviced apartment, meaning to find anything remotely similar you will be looking at pricey suites. This excellent value doesn’t stop here, however, as long-term apartment stays benefit from a nightly price reduction due to a tax cut. This means serviced apartments are excellent value for relocating colleagues in need a a residence while awaiting a permanent residence. 
Luxury services. With the majority of our apartments being situated in dedicated serviced apartment or aparthotel buildings, they also benefit from the included on-site amenities, many of which are typically included in the price of your stay. These can include gymnasiums, swimming pools, 24 hour receptions, conference rooms, parking and more. Additional services (charged) are also optional, including restaurants, bars, shopping services and more bookable rooms within the buildings to host events. 
A home from home experience. The nature of our apartments is such that you instantly feel comfortable in your own space – the home from home atmosphere they provide is welcoming and instantly calming. With designated areas in which to relax, cook, entertain and work, you will soon find yourself feeling at home. The freedom this setup provides is 
Privacy and space. The main appeal of serviced apartments is the sheer space and private luxury furnishings they provide. With separate living areas for resting, sleeping, cooking, working and entertaining, serviced apartments allow you to live entirely to your own schedule and in the comfort of your very own home from home residence. The option of cooking at home always saves money on timely and expensive meals out, and also means you are never restricted to a schedule, besides your own, during your stay. 

What do I need to know about staying in Haarlem? 

Capital of North Holland, Haarlem is a moderately sized city in the Netherlands with a population of over 160,000. Its nickname is ‘Spaarnestad’ as it is located on the river Spaarne, about 12 miles west of Amsterdam.


With comfortable summers, though windy and cloudy year round, Haarlem enjoys temperatures as high as 79F from June to September. The winters, conversely, are very cold, dropping to 24F in particularly cold periods. 

What else is Haarlem known for? 


Beer brewing has been a central industry in the city since the 15th century, when 100 breweries were located in the city. 

The Dutch colony of New Netherland (America) founded the settlement of Nieuw Haarlem in Manhattan Island. Following the English capture of the area in 1664, the city became ‘New York’, but the name of Haarlem was left relatively unchanged – with the spelling being changed to ‘Harlem’ in keeping with contemporary English language. 


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