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All you need to know about Macau

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Country Facts - Macau

Macau is an island territory and administrative region in the south of China. It’s legislative, and judicial powers have been transferred down from the national government. Home to over 700,000 citizens, Macau has scenic landscapes and an extensive coastline which includes world renowned beaches such as Cheoc Van Beach and Hac Sa (Black Sand) Beach. Macau has been trying to boost tourism. Historical sites, landmarks, and points of interest such as Macau Tower, A-Ma Temple, Grand Prix Museum, and Macau Giant Panda Pavilion, bring in visitors from across the globe each year. Known for its casinos, fine dining restaurants, and city architecture, Macau’s economy is primarily driven by financial services, tourism, gambling revenue, and apparel exports. Macau has over recent years become an international finance centre with its own currency. Connected to this region is the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, the longest sea crossing and open-sea fixed link in the world. This is a unique destination that blends it's colonial Portuguese roots with Chinese infrastructure and cultural influence.


Key Facts about Macau:

Capital: Macau Peninsula and Taipa

Population: Over 700,000

Currency: Macau Pataca (MOP)

Official Language: Portuguese, Chinese (Cantonese)

Dominant Religion: Buddhism, Taoism

Time Zone: Macau Standard Time (UTC+8)

Main Exports: Textiles, Electronics, Machinery

Internet Domain: .mo

International Dial Code: +853

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