All you need to know about Kuwait City

Kuwait City, the nation's capital, is a preferred travel destination for many business and corporate travellers. Kuwait City, with a predominantly petroleum-based economy, is the country's primary exporter and importer of the resource. Many companies pick Kuwait as their destination because the Kuwaiti dinar is one of the most valuable currencies in the world hence why there are many serviced apartments in Kuwait. Due to its worldwide connections and numerous enterprises that opt to invest overseas, Kuwait City is a major player in the world economy. Kuwait and the capital city are accessible to neighbouring nations thanks to extensive motorways and a vast network of buses and taxis, and a relationship with Saudi Arabia ensures that its economy is constantly expanding. 

Tips for staying in Kuwait

Things to do in Kuwait

Visit the Middle East's largest escape game facility, which has eight distinct scenarios in one location. Trapped Inn is easily accessible because it is located in the city centre and is not far from most Kuwait serviced apartments where you may enjoy your 60-minute adrenaline rush adventure. There are several puzzles and riddles throughout the rooms that must be solved through logic, cooperation, observation, and analysis. Another option is to go to The Scientific Center, which contains an aquarium with a marine tank with both large and tiny sharks as well as other marine life. In addition, the centre offers a mini zoo where you may stroll through Desert caves and marvel at the merging of land and water. Also available is a laser planetarium in the Discovery Place's Starship, where you can watch the stars and let your imagination wander while learning about the universe.

Shopping in Kuwait

Shopping at the Avenues is a popular pastime for both visitors and residents looking to cool down in the climate-controlled complex with over 500 stores. The large shopping complex is divided into 12 districts: The First Avenue, The Second Avenue, The Grand Avenue, SoKu (acronym for South of Kuwait), The Mall, The Souk, Prestige, The Forum, Grand Plaza, Electra, The Gardens, and The Arcades. Two movie theatres—VOX Cinemas and Cinescape—are located in the mall. You might also head to the 360 Mall. This is a luxury mall which gets its name from its circular structure. It also boasts a Cinescape Cinema, which includes an IMAX hall and a VIP area. In order to conserve the environment, this shopping centre also houses the world's largest vertical garden. Most short-stay apartments in Kuwait are not far from either of the shopping centres.

Islands to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait has nine islands, and these are the top three to explore when staying in your apartment in Kuwait City. Bubiyan Island is the largest and is located in the Persian Gulf's north-western corner. It is uninhabited, yet it is still a beautiful spot to visit. As a result, it serves as a stopover for migrating birds, so if you're lucky, you could spot some rare bird species. Warbah Island is about 1.5 kilometres north of Bubiyan Island and would be a pleasant stop before returning to your Kuwait serviced apartments. On trips to the island, both locals and tourists see humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins. While visiting this island, you may admire both marine life and rare bird species. The summer months are often highly crowded. Last but not least, Failaka Island, this island is located 20 kilometres north of Kuwait City and is easily accessible. It is a combination of Kuwait's ancient and modern histories. A full-day tour of the island is available.

Facts about Kuwait

  • Kuwait City is one of the hottest cities in summer on earth with an average of 45 degrees Celsius.
  • The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest-valued currency unit in the world.
  • The Liberation Tower which stands in the middle of Kuwait City, is the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world and is over 10% taller than the Eiffel Tower.
  • When McDonald’s opened in the city, the drive-through was, at times, 7 miles long.
  • Kuwait is the third richest country in the Middle East and the 20th richest country in the world.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments in Kuwait are suitable for business travellers who appreciate the services and amenities given by high-end hotels but want the seclusion of their own place. Serviced apartments combine the comfort of an apartment with the convenience of a hotel, and they give more room, comfort, and confidentiality, similar to living at home, with little additional expenditures. When you stay in a Kuwait serviced apartment, you often gain access to hotel facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym, and a conference room, in addition to a fully equipped kitchen and a separate living space.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Kuwait in SilverDoor?

There are various benefits to choosing SilverDoor to find a serviced apartment in Kuwait. Due to our team's extensive background working as corporate and business travel booking agents, we are especially qualified to handle your corporate lodging needs. We find our clients the finest serviced apartments that perfectly fit their needs at the best rates, as proven by our 4.9-star Trustpilot rating. Furthermore, we at SilverDoor recognise that our business travellers have a busy schedule, thus we provide flexible check-in hours at our short-term apartments in Kuwait.

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