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Country Facts - Jordan

Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is located on the East bank of the Jordan River. The country borders Israel, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. The capital of the country is Amman, which is Jordan’s most populous city with a population of 4 million. Serviced apartments in Jordan make for a great business trip as they allow business travellers to live like a local in this fascinating country with the added advantage of hotel-like facilities.

Jordan’s rich history and historically significant sites make it a prime location for corporate travel and businesses in the archaeological industries. The oldest evidence found in Jordan of habitation dates back over 200,000 years. Many ancient artefacts and items have been found well preserved over the years, and these can be found and viewed at multiple museums across the country. Accommodation in Jordan allows easy access to these wonderful sites with many luxury facilities to help your corporate stay.

Jordan is situated at a strategic point, in between the continents of Africa, Europe, and Asia, making it a prime location for trade and business. The country’s economy is described as an upper-middle income country but is also one of the smallest economies in the region. Jordan’s economy mainly relies on trade and finance sectors which account for one-third of the GDP.  Many of Jordan’s population are also highly-skilled in IT and industry due to its highly modern education standards. Serviced apartments and accommodation in Jordan situates guests to many diverse sectors allowing for easy access during business travel within Jordan.

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Key Facts 
Capital: City of Amman 
Population:  9.7 million 
Currency: Jordanian dinar (دينار) (JOD)
Language: Arabic
Dominant Religion: Islamic 
Time Zone: (UTC+2)
Main Exports: Textiles, Phosphates, Vegetables, Fertilizers
Internet Domain: .jo
International Dial Code: +962

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