All you need to know about Tel Aviv

Israel’s contemporary and commercial capital, Tel Aviv, is the centre for cuisine, culture, and liberalism. With a plethora of museums, restored neighbourhoods and a diverse population, the city has developed into a thriving location and is now world-renowned for its rich cultural scene. Sprawled around Tel Aviv is a vast number of museums and galleries, telling the story of the city and its unique history, architecture, and people. During the 1990s Tel Aviv developed into a hi-tech mecca, bringing with it avant-garde skyscrapers that blend seamlessly with the scenery of the city. Previously designated UNESCO World Heritage Status for its large collection of international and eclectic buildings, Tel Aviv is slowly being restored to its original glory while remaining at the forefront of the 21st century. Here at SilverDoor, we have a range of corporate accommodation available for you to choose from; enquire today and we can elevate your stay with one of our many serviced apartments in Tel Aviv.

What do I need to know about staying Tel Aviv?

To enjoy the best of the weather, we would recommend travelling in the spring or autumn months when the climate remains warm, but the city is not overrun by tourists. As Tel Aviv literally means ‘Spring Hill’, we would recommend April, May, and June as ideal months for travelling because the nature is in full bloom. When exploring, visitors are encouraged to dress how they like in this relaxed city and will blend with the locals in casual clothing. The cost of living in Tel Aviv is relatively high, comparable with New York or Paris, therefore it is worth reading up on hidden expenses such as transport and Wi-Fi before arriving.

Transport in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is easily navigated on foot but more conveniently done so via bike, bus, or taxi. To do so efficiently, the city offers a short-term bike rental program, Tel-O-Fun, which maintains 24-hour bike rental stations across the city. Buses are also a popular option in Tel Aviv and follow an efficient network of routes with many stations scattered across the city centre. To ride the bus, be sure to buy a ‘Rav-Kav smart card which can be purchased at tourist information centres, train stations and airports. Visitors and travellers will typically use the anonymous card which doesn’t require personal passenger information and can be purchased for a onetime payment. Israel Railways also runs train services within Israel, Tel Aviv features four stations and routes connect the city centre to Haifa and Be’er-Sheva as well as numerous smaller towns and Ben-Gurion airport – and can usually be easily reached from any one of our serviced apartments in Tel Aviv.

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s dynamic shopping scene has grown rapidly in recent years. The Azrieli Mall is a vast complex and shopping experience featuring three floors of stores, eight cinema screens and thirty restaurants. The Dizengoff Center is also an icon of Tel Aviv, while the layout can be confusing, the building offers a plethora of choice for a day featuring hundreds of shops, a rooftop swimming pool, playground, and gym. There is also a homemade world food market on Thursdays and Fridays as well as a pop-up designer market in the B Building. One of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of the city, the small streets of Neve Tzedek offer great boutiques, restaurants, and bars. The picturesque architecture and street art makes the shopping experience special. For something slightly more authentic, the Carmel Market is Tel Aviv’s largest and busiest market. Specialising in fresh produce and clothes, we would recommend that visitors arrive early in the day to really take in the sights. It is also worth noting that the marketplace is especially busy on Fridays, so other days are best for beating the crowd.

Facts about Tel Aviv

Founded in 1909 and once a large expanse of sand dunes, the first Hebrew city was originally named Ahuzat Bayit before later changing to Tel Aviv, meaning ‘Spring Mound’. Drawing over 3.3 million visitors a year, this city enjoys 300 annual days of sunshine and has been deemed the ninth Best Beach City in the world by National Geographic. Tel Aviv hosts the largest Gay Pride parade in Asia and the Middle East. In June 2015, over 180,000 people came to celebrate.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Tel Aviv with SilverDoor?

With over 320,000 serviced apartments worldwide, we are unrivalled within the serviced apartment sector and therefore have you covered when searching for the perfect accommodation. Our Trustpilot rating contributes to the confidence that we have in our service and in our ability to match you to your ideal serviced apartment in Tel Aviv. Our strong links with property partners also offers our clients increased flexibility in areas such as cancellation policies and negotiated staying rates. The depth of knowledge that we have developed is a credit to our twenty years’ worth of experience in the field and helps us to tailor our corporate housing to your every need. With a presence in 110 countries, we are confident that you will be in the best hands when staying in a SilverDoor serviced apartment.

What is a serviced apartment?

The vast array of corporate housing available in our portfolio are decorated to meet a variety of different tastes but are all private and flexible spaces for you to enjoy. With facilities such as a fully equipped kitchens, living areas and multiple bedrooms depending on group size, guests can truly feel at home and separate their working, eating, and sleeping arrangements comfortably. If you have any specific requirements for your serviced apartment in Tel Aviv, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who will work hard to accommodate your needs. With a vast array of corporate housing available, our portfolio presents something for everyone.

Tel Aviv

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