All you need to know about Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a Middle Eastern city, situated on the Judean Mountains. It lies between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the oldest cities on the planet. Ownership of Jerusalem is a matter of contention - the city straddles a controversial border, and both Palestinians and Israelis lay claim to it being their capital. Jerusalem’s economy is predominately centred on its national government, which accounts for a great many jobs and business initiatives in the city. Others are employed by the education sector or working in hospitality and social services. Known as the logistics capital of Israel, Jerusalem is well connected by public transport, and boasts a number of train and bus services. Its main airport, Ben Gurion, is located 31 miles northwest of Jerusalem. There is a number of quality serviced apartments in Jerusalem that are perfect for business travel. 

Tips for staying in Jerusalem

Things to do and see in Jerusalem

When visiting Jerusalem, a day trip to Masada and the Dead Sea is a must. At Masada, you may take a cable car to tour with a guide and have plenty of time to appreciate the dead sea. This day tour includes all admission fees, hotel pick-up and drop-off, meals, and drinks. Visit The Old City, which is a 0.9 km2 region enclosed by an ancient wall constructed by Suleiman of the Ottoman Empire. You may see the magnificent Dome of Rock, Jerusalem's most renowned monument, which is located in a large square located above the Old City.

Places to Eat in Jerusalem

Katy's Restaurant in Jerusalem is a famous restaurant with exquisite meals and an intimate Parisian-style atmosphere. This restaurant, which provides outside dining choices, has been operating since 1975 and blends French cuisine with local cuisines and wines. The Rooftop Restaurant is the spot to go for an incredible view of The Old City and is not far from most Jerusalem serviced apartments. The rooftop and outdoor lounge and restaurant embraces the cool Jerusalem breeze while serving a vast and diverse lunch and supper menu. There is also a Shabbat menu. The Modern Restaurant at the Israel Museum, with a view of the Valley of the Cross, serves contemporary, creative, and personal Jerusalem cuisine. Its menu changes, renews, and refreshes on a regular basis depending on the season. It is ideal for entertaining guests or business associates as it provides business lunches that include an appetiser and a main course for the price of the first course.

Transport in Jerusalem

As previously mentioned, Jerusalem is a major logistical centre for Israel. The most popular modes of transportation in Jerusalem are the light railway line and public buses. The Jerusalem Central Bus Station is the busiest in Israel and may be utilised to move throughout the city from your apartments in Jerusalem. It is serviced by Egged Bus Cooperative, the world's second-largest bus operator. The usual bus fare is 5.90 NIS for a single trip, and their buses are usually green, making them easily identifiable. Because Jerusalem's bus network is always changing, the best method to plan your journey is through the Egged website. You may also utilise the above-mentioned high-speed railway line to go about the city. If you want to use public transportation regularly (by bus or train), we recommend purchasing the Rav Kav travel ticket. These smart card tickets provide you an electronic ticket for both the light train and the buses. They cost 5 NIS and may be reloaded at automated kiosks in bus and railway stations, as well as other locations near your short stay apartment in Jerusalem. These smart cards may be purchased at the Central Bus Station or any of the Cofix coffee shops located around town.

Facts about Jerusalem

  • The largest city in Israel is Jerusalem.
  • There are more than 60 different museums in the city for you to visit.
  • Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times, captured, and recaptured 44 times.
  • Some of the olive trees in the city are more than 800 years old.
  • Jerusalem has more than 2000 active archaeological sites.

What is a serviced apartment?

Jerusalem serviced apartments provide business travellers with a home away from home by integrating the benefits of an apartment with the services and amenities available in hotels. A fully equipped kitchen, a separate living space, a dining area, and at least weekly housekeeping are standard features of serviced apartments. After a hard day of work, the apartments are ideal for entertaining friends and business colleagues, as well as resting while taking in the beautiful views. You also have access to facilities including conference rooms, gyms, and swimming pools.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Jerusalem with SilverDoor?

SilverDoor is a company that specialises in locating and reserving serviced apartments in Jerusalem and around the world. We negotiate the best rates and reserve the finest short stay apartment in Jerusalem that fulfils our clients' requirements. We have a wide range of serviced apartments available for all sorts of business trips and groups of any size. View our other serviced apartments in Israel.

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