All you need to know about Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala and is surrounded by mesmerising geographical wonders such as Pacaya and Fuego volcanoes due to its high-altitude location. The largest of all the cities within the Central American countries, the city covers over 267 square miles of land and is home to an estimated 3.7 million people. Supplying a vibrant and dynamic indigenous culture, ancient ruins and charming, colourful markets, a stay in a serviced apartment in Guatemala City is a must visit for your next business trip.

Transport in Guatemala City

The main form of transport around Guatemala City is buses, which are a cheap and affordable option that many residents favour. The buses are referred to as chicken buses by most Guatemalans and are often old US school buses; a journey on one of them is sure to give you a real taste of the local Guatemalan lifestyle. If standing on a crowded bus does not sound like your cup of tea, it’s easy to rent a car to have the flexibility of getting places at your own pace. Make sure you do your research prior to staying in a serviced apartment in Guatemala City and are a confident driver, as the roads can be bumpy and rough, especially in rural areas.

Shopping in Guatemala City

Markets are a popular shopping destination in Guatemala City, such as Mercado Central and Mercado de Artesanias which both sell authentic Guatemalan goods such as fabrics, souvenirs and handicrafts. Mercado Central is located behind the cathedral and was once where locals would shop for food and other essentials, however was revamped after the earthquake of 1976 to now sell more textiles and leather goods, to name a few. Additionally, there are many malls dotted around the city which are a fantastic destination for a successful shopping trip. Centro Comercial Los Proceres was one of the first malls in Guatemala and paved the way for many others, such as Oakland Mall, one of the fancier malls in the city.

Things to do in Guatemala City

For an alternative location to meet up with business associates, La Bodeguita del Centro is a vibrant and bohemian hang out scene where a range of different genres of live music is played, artwork covers the walls and poetry reading and film nights take place. Food and drink is served, so the location is a fantastic spot for a fun Friday evening after work. To truly experience Guatemalan culture and learn about the history of the place, Museo Popol Vuh is the perfect destination. The museum sits across from the Ixchel Native Costume Museum, so for a culture packed day, heading in the direction of these gems should be top of your list.

Facts about Guatemala City

Due to its unique geographical location, the repercussions of living in such a geographically active area has meant the city has constantly been shaped over the years as a result. Guatemala City was branded as the capital due to its apparent protection from earthquakes, however it has been target of a few natural disasters in 1917-1918 and 1976 which has led to reconstruction. The city is also prone to sinkholes due to weak volcano pumice which has affected the location on a few occasions, such as that which occurred in 2010. Being in South America, snow is not usually an issue for residents, however the nearby volcanos are known to disperse volcano ash following an eruption which causes disruption. Forget snow days, ash days off school and work are the norm here!

What is a serviced apartment?

A SilverDoor serviced apartment in Guatemala City is the ideal option for business travellers, offering all the qualities that make for a successful corporate trip; flexibility, space and value for money. Our team expertly select the best quality serviced accommodation which feature a range of different styles to accommodate differing tastes and a selection of facilities to ensure that there is corporate housing to meet every preference. Additionally, our strong partner relationships means we can accommodate any request you may have; we tailor your experience to your needs. Our furnished apartments are favoured by many over a hotel stay as they large living space creates a home away from home that business travellers don’t find hard to settle into. The separate living areas allow you to live freely and separate daily tasks such as cooking, working and sleeping. Benefits also include cost-savings, from washing utilities and kitchen available in your room reducing unnecessary expenditure and the addition of a tax break with long term stays.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Guatemala City with SilverDoor?

We are unrivalled within the serviced apartment sector and with over 200,000 serviced apartments in 94 countries, we have you covered to find the perfect furnished apartment for you. Providing everything you may need whilst away, our corporate housing is tailored to suit you; all you need to do is advise our booking team about your wants and needs during your enquiry and we will do the rest. Our expert knowledge gained from the 20 years of experience we have in the industry helps us to ensure your booking is of the highest quality and that we match you with your ideal serviced apartment in Guatemala City. With the broadest portfolio in the industry and award winning customer service, you truly are in the best hands when staying in a serviced apartment in Guatemala City. 

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