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All you need to know about Ghana

Country facts - Ghana
Country Facts - Ghana

Located in West Africa, Ghana’s growing economy and democratic government have made the country a major influential player in this area of Africa. With a maritime border and land borders that back on to Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast and Togo, Ghana has a prime location in West Africa for trade, tourism, and business travel. An ever-increasing business destination and developing nation, Ghana has a population of approximately 30 million. Serviced apartments and accommodation in Ghana lead to more space, flexibility, and privacy than other alternative accommodation options in Ghana.

Ghana has a growing economy due to its diverse economic base. The country’s rich natural resources in Industrial minerals, hydrocarbons, and precious metals have helped exports and trade to and from the country grow in recent years. One of Ghana’s main exports is the production of cocoa, and the country is the second largest producer globally. Ghana is the world’s seventh largest producer of gold and owes most of its economic base to this and sweet crude oil.

Ghana’s capital, Accra continues to undergo urban redevelopment and housing construction. The housing market in Ghana has become an important economic sector, especially in Accra and other municipalities such as Kumasi and Tema. Over the years Ghana has been at the forefront of technology and science in Western Africa. In 1992 Ghana was the first sub-Saharan African country to launch a cellular mobile network. Ghana also has a large space agency programme and strives to further space exploration and data samples. Business travel to Ghana is as popular as ever and SilverDoor corporate serviced apartments in Ghana allow more space during your business stay in this country. Enquire today.

Key Facts

Capital: Accra
Population: 28,308, 301
Currency: Ghanaian Cedi (GHS)
Dominant religion: Christian 
Language: English 
Time Zone: GMT
Main exports: Gold
Internet domain: .gh
International dial code: +233

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