All you need to know about Trier

A southwestern German city, Trier is situated near to the Luxembourg boarder and is famous for its Roman baths, amphitheatre, and Roman artifacts. With a rich and vibrant history there are plenty of museums in the city telling the story of the Roman foundations. 

A population of 105,000 Trier is the fourth largest city in this state. Many of the residents revolve work around the University and are related to employment at the institute. However, it's location within one of the wine states means that wine plays an important factor in trade within the city. Additionally, tourists coming into the city due to the Roman ruins play a large part in the strength of the economy.

Trier is well connected by road and rail. Trier central railway station has direct trains running to Saarbrücken, Luxembourg, and Cologne. The nearest airport to Trier is Luxembourg airport which is around a thirty-minute train ride away.

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