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Serviced accommodation in Munich has grown in demand over the last few years, correlating with the large number of business travellers requesting extended stays. With a range of features available including an on-site gym and 24 hour reception service, we can assist you with any particular needs you may require throughout your stay.

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The option to stay in our corporate accommodation is a winning solution for many business travellers who want to conveniently source the best corporate stay in Munich. With an array of options and the ease of flexibility, SilverDoor Apartments caters to all of your business travel needs in Munich.

Why Choose A Silverdoor Munich Apartment?

SilverDoor apartments are simply the best solution for any travel requirements you need for your short or long term stay.  We have scoped the industry and offer serviced apartments in hundreds of worldwide cities, spanning international offices in EMEA, APAC and AMER to manage the growing demand of business travellers. SilverDoor Apartments is the leading agency worldwide for an array of reasons:

Outstanding service. Our team can be reached 24 hours a day across our international offices. Each individual makes up a team of specialists who each define the outstanding standards we are proud to represent. 

5 star reviews. We receive an overwhelming number of positive reviews on TrustPilot from our clients on a daily basis, demonstrating that our service and standards are constantly incomparable. 

Tailored specifications. We have built a strong portfolio of relationships with property partners, allowing you to completely tailor the experience you foresee in Munich. If anything specific should change or new requests should alter your experience, we can work with you around the clock to change your preferences. 

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What Is A Serviced Apartment?

A modern alternative to a hotel room with none of the constraints but all of the benefits, a corporate Munich serviced apartment is the preferred option for any length of business stay in the city. Serviced apartments do not just offer the luxury of modern and prestigious design, but they add the convenience missing from other accommodation in Munich. Here are some of the reasons why our selection of serviced apartments is in demand:

The benefit of your own complete privacy in a serviced apartment exceeds the experience in a hotel. The addition of your own living space makes for an undisturbed trip, allowing you to choose whether you want to entertain colleagues and clients. The fully fitted kitchen area means you aren’t tied to the option of having to find venues to eat in – especially in the evenings in Munich.

Added amenities. Most serviced apartments still encourage the plethora of added benefits a hotel offers –often you’ll find corporate accommodation in Munich with a fitness centre, restaurant and bars and swimming pools to peruse on-site. With the flexibility to make the most of these complimentary services, you can simply take advantage of being able to shape your business travel to your requirements. 

Value for money. Convenience and excellent standards aside, serviced apartments offer fantastic value compared with hotel room bookings. This is particularly effective if you are planning a long term stay, as the nightly cost of a serviced apartment decreases in line with the longevity of your stay – a huge incentive for employees waiting to be relocated in Munich.

What Do I Need To Know About Staying In Munich?


The climate is heavily continental in Munich, with cold winters and mildly warm summers that are subject to thunderstorms. Due to its close proximity to the Alps, the city is highly exposed to cold waves, giving it the reputation as the coldest city in Germany.

Munich’s Bavarian Alps to the south cater to the familiar warm and dry winds known as Föhn which are responsible for a rapid increase in temperature in the autumn time. 


The city originally derives its name from the medieval Munichen meaning ‘monks’ and has a heavy connection to the Benedictine monks who settled into the area around the 8th century. The foundation date for Munich is assumed to be 1158 – the earliest date mentioned in any documentation. In 1157, the Duke of Bavaria – Henry the Lion – granted the monks the right to build and sustain a market from Salzburg, across a road that met the Isar River. A bridge was later built to encourage the marketplace’s coming. 


Travelling to Munich by bus or train from the airport is relatively easy, with direct services running straight through to the city centre. Tickets for these services cost around €10 and journeys last around 45 minutes, during which you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi provided. 

Travelling around the city’s public transport system is also very efficient and referred to as one of the most punctual services in the world. There are two options: you can use the U-Bahn metro system or the S-Bahn for trains, buses and trams. 


Munich is known for its Bavarian cuisine, a style of cooking from Bavaria, and typically includes many meats such as a Weisswurt - a pork sausage served with a pretzel and other delicacies including a chicken or pork schnitzel, fried and served with potatoes and mushrooms. 


There are more than a 100 embassies in Munich, making the city extremely international, so although the official language is German, a large section of the population speaks English. As there is a fantastic grasp of the English language, the ability to get around the city without any German is feasible however out of common politeness, many travellers use simple phrases day to day. 

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The archbishop's cathedral in the centre of Munich

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