All you need to know about Mainz

Mainz is a city in Germany. It is capital of the state Rhineland Palatinate, and has a population of roughly 215,000. Once a military post, it played pivotal role in the Roman Empire and went on to become the provincial capital of Germania Superior. It lies on River Rhine and close to the river Main. Mainz is most famous for its printing.

The city lays claim to having invented the first movable-type printing press, which served the purpose of helping print books. Since then it’s become a leading hub in Germany, and is also home to a number of big businesses including glass manufacturer, Schott Ag and the chemical factory of Werner and Mertz.

Popular sites include Emperor Street, Theodor Heuss Bridge and St. Augustin church. Visitors will find no shortage of public transport in Mainz. Its main train station, Mainz Central, serves as many as 80,000 people a day, and the city is also covered by a tram network.

The closest airport to Mainz is Frankfurt Airport, at 10 miles east of Mainz.

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City of Mainz

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