All you need to know about Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the seventh largest in the European Union. The city has become established as a business hub in Germany and is a popular destination for business travellers. Hamburg is famed for its shipping industry, with the Port of Hamburg alone being almost as big as Copenhagen! Our serviced apartments in Hamburg provide the best quality corporate accommodation in the city.

Hamburg was a member of the medieval Hanseatic League and a free imperial city of the Roman Empire. The city has suffered many disasters, most notably the Great Fire of Hamburg and the 1962 North Sea Flood. Hamburg was also one of the most heavily bombed German cities during the Second World War. The city endured a sizeable regeneration project following World War Two, as was seen in Cologne. Remarkably, Hamburg’s economy revived after each catastrophe, and is rock solid today.


Having booked your SilverDoor serviced apartment, it is time to prepare for your trip to Hamburg. We have put together some essential information to help prepare you for your stay in the German city.  

Transport in Hamburg

Hamburg is served by its very own International Airport, which is located 9km to the north of the city. The S Bahn railway connects Hamburg Airport to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, with the journey taking 24 minutes. The following station, Jungfernsteig, takes 27 minutes and has a more central location. The S Bahn and U Bahn networks are the most efficient method of travelling around Hamburg

Weather in Hamburg

Hamburg has an oceanic climate, owing to its proximity to the North Sea. This location provides more extreme weather than in central Germany, with the city prone to experiencing Westerly winds. Summers can be reasonably warm, with autumn and winter being more wet and windy than bitterly cold.

Business in Hamburg

Home to 1.8 million people, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the largest in northern Europe. Due to its location on the North Sea, the Port of Hamburg is the continent’s third largest after Rotterdam and Antwerp. Consequently, the largest industry in Hamburg is the shipping industry. Hamburg is also a significant hub for business in Germany and a popular business destination. Ranked amongst its key sectors are logistics, IT, telecommunication, media and e-commerce. 


-          -   The Beatles launched their career in Hamburg, with John Lennon claiming he was ‘‘born in Liverpool but raised in Hamburg’’.

-          -   Every ship is given a special greeting when arriving into the Port of Hamburg, with their national anthem played.

-          -   Hamburg has more bridges than any other city in the world, more than Venice, Amsterdam and London combined!

-          -   The Hamburger got its name from the city when ships left Hamburg carrying meat patties to the USA.

-          -   Two famous German composers were born in Hamburg; Johannes Brahms and Felix Mendelssohn.

-          -   The world’s first modern zoo was founded in Hamburg, with the city also inventing the advent wreath.


Our SilverDoor serviced apartments in Hamburg are modern, spacious and situated in a central location. Our corporate accommodation is fully furnished and crafted with business travellers in mind. At SilverDoor, we understand that business trips involve busy schedules which is why we tailor check in to suit you. Our Hamburg corporate apartments offer a unique flexibility that is not commonplace in hotel accommodation. Primarily, our clients are able to choose how regular they would like housekeeping. This is designed to encourage fewer intrusions which is geared at making you feel at home in Hamburg. Secondly, our serviced accommodation in Hamburg comes with kitchen facilities, allowing our corporate clients flexibility. Guests can choose to dine in one of Hamburg’s fine restaurants, or cook at home. Business travellers appreciate this flexibility which also proves to be cost effective. Finally, a USP of our serviced apartments in Hamburg is that the average apartment is approximately twice the size of the standard hotel room. Not only does this provide more room to relax, the extra space enables our clients to entertain guests or conduct business meetings in the living space.


Choosing to stay in ones of our SilverDoor serviced apartments in Hamburg is highly beneficial for business travellers. With over 20 years in the corporate accommodation industry, at SilverDoor we are best placed to ensure that your business trip runs smoothly. We understand that what works for one business traveller may not work for another. This is why our booking agents tailor each quotation to each individual. They listen to your needs and work hard to find your perfect serviced apartment in Hamburg. With a solid expertise in the industry, our booking agents strive to ensure that every client is completely satisfied with the quality of their accommodation and the level of service they encounter. At SilverDoor, we have a strong knowledge of our apartments and are always looking to expand our portfolio to reaffirm our commitment to providing the best corporate accommodation in Hamburg.

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