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For a successful business stay in Freising, a corporate serviced apartment booked with SilverDoor Apartments is ideal. Our apartments are specifically selected for their convenience, flexibility, space and services – all of which makes them ideal for business travellers. We are leaders in the corporate accommodation industry, and are experts in arranging bookings with countless clients – many of whom have left us outstanding reviews across the internet. Choose SilverDoor for a professional and efficient service every time. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Freising apartment? 

SilverDoor Apartments excels at sourcing quality corporate serviced apartments and providing a flawless, quality customer service experience. We have excellent relationships with the world’s leading property partners, meaning our portfolio is filled with first rate apartments across the globe. With a team comprising some of the world’s best experts in business travel and accommodation, it is no wonder that our clients book with us time and time again. Our affiliation and years of experience provide many benefits to you, the customer, such as:

Expertise and first-hand knowledge. As well as the years of experience our staff members have acquired in the industry, we also have a deep understanding of all aspects of business travel. From the city guides and location articles available on our website, to the detailed breakdown we can provide about every single one of our apartments, we can answer any of your questions with ease. Furthermore, as many members of our team actually stay in the apartments we advertise, we are able to provide first-hand insights into apartments and their suitability to your trip.
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If you a seeking a short or long term corporate serviced apartment in Freising, then we are ready to accommodate you. Browse our selection of apartments online or call a member of our team for a personalised and professional service you will want to use again and again.

What is a serviced apartment? 

A serviced apartment is a form of accommodation which is superior to a hotel room in multiple ways – making it ideal for business travellers. Despite the differences, a serviced apartment still possesses the benefits a quality hotel would normally provide, such as a range of services, but is a more flexible, spacious and peaceful home from home which a hotel room simply cannot match. Some of the many advantages a serviced apartment offers are:

Unsurpassed value. Compared with a hotel offering the same space and features, serviced apartments are much better value for money on average. In addition to this, longer stays (beyond a certain duration threshold) reduce the nightly rate further, meaning our serviced apartments are ideal for colleagues relocating and waiting on a permanent residence to become available. 
A peaceful and private space. Unlike busy and intrusive hotels, serviced apartments are secluded, spacious living areas designed to be your home from home. Your private space can be used however you wish – and the peaceful seating areas are ideal for working undisturbed, or even for hosting business meetings with colleagues. 
First class services. Many of our serviced apartments come with multiple on-site services included. These can include gymnasiums, swimming pools, cinemas, restaurants, conference rooms and parking. All of these services are optional depending on your requirements – meaning your stay can be tailored to whatever suits your schedule best. 

What do I need to know about staying in Freising? 

North of Munich, and near to Munich Airport for international connections, Freising is one of the oldest settlements in Bavaria. The city is also regarded as the historical centre of the Catholic Church in the region. Since the construction of Munich Airport, which was opened in 1992, Freising has seen an economic resurgence. Home to the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery (Weihenstephen brewery founded in 1040), the city’s university also runs a course in brewing.  


As already mentioned, transport to Freising was made more convenient with the addition of nearby Munich Airport. Freising is also part of Greater Munich’s public transport system (MVV) and features a combined bus, train and tram system using a transferable ticket system, making transportation in and around the city a very straightforward process. 


Freising experiences comfortable summers (though wet), with temperatures reaching 87F. Winters, however, are particularly cold, with low temperatures of 9F. Typically for this area of Europe, the best time to visit for warm weather is late June to August.

What else is Freising known for? 

Historical attractions

Being a city of historical religious significance, Freising has many architectural attractions to see. From the impressive Baroque hall of the Cathedral Library, to the Research Plantation, which houses a variety of plants and is open to the public to explore, there is much to see in this small picturesque German city. The city is perhaps most famed for its Cathedral, which sits on top of a steep hill overlooking the city and provides views to Munich and the Bavarian Alps. 

Freising, Germany

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