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Erfurt is a city in the German state of Thuringia, home to an array of beautiful architecture, gardens, and historic sites. Erfurt is also an agricultural and industrial hub and is home to a growing number of corporations and businesses. Situated between Leipzig and Frankfurt, this city is in a prime location for commutes to these nearby cities. Corporate serviced apartments in Erfurt offer an alternative accommodation option with more space, flexibility, and privacy for corporate travellers.

Erfurt has one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Germany. The city is situated on a medieval trade and pilgrimage route which made it an important settlement during those times. In 1379 the University of Erfurt was founded and the city developed into a popular city with more developments happening throughout the area.  After the industrialisation of Erfurt in the 1800s the city rapidly grew with the introduction of the Thuringian Railway which connected Berlin and Frankfurt. Many factories in and around the area were constructed and the population grew from 40,000 to 130,000 in less than 50 years. Between the World War’s Erfurt steadily grew and housing developments took place within the city, suffering only minor damages from the bombing of the area in World War II.  

The city is still majorly focused around agriculture and it provides the main focus of the economic base for Erfurt. This industry is predominantly made up of the production of fruits and flower seeds. Erfurt has also benefited from German regional planning in which service business and public services such as more hospitals and universities were constructed. As the popularity of the city has grown so has the increase in serviced apartments in Erfurt, with many throughout the city situating corporate guests close to the business-focused areas.

Erfurt is also becoming known for its tourism, with a rich history and numerous historic sites tourism is on the rise. Serviced apartments in Erfurt situate business travellers and relocations near to Erfurt’s attractions and sites. Guests can visit the 17th-century citadel and take guided tours of the underground passages in the Baroque fortress, or maybe take a tranquil walk in Egapark a gorgeous park and garden in the city.

Erfurt is served by rail, bus, and road links. Erfurt train station links Berlin in less than two hours and Frankfurt in just two and a half hours. The light railway also links the inner city and surrounding areas with buses also running regularly throughout. The nearest airport for long haul flights is Frankfurt Airport, which is located just two hours by train from Erfurt Station.

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