All you need to know about Dresden

Dresden is a city located in eastern Germany, in a valley on the River Elbe, next to the border of the Czech Republic. The city has a long history and is known for its cultural and artistic significance in Germany. However, the face of the city was drastically changed in a controversial bombing raid that occurred during WWII. During the raid, most of the ancient centre of the city was completely destroyed. Many buildings went through extensive restoration to bring them to their former glory. Although most of the buildings have now been restored, some signs of damage can still be seen throughout the city.

Today, the city has three major sectors that make up its economy, engineering, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics. However, it is the latter of these that makes up the largest proportion of Dresden’s economy. This sector is heavily supported by an industry association, made up of nearly 300 companies, known as Silicon Saxony, which holds its hub within Dresden. Tourism also plays a part within the city’s economy, primarily driven by the historical events of the city.

Dresden has a sophisticated transport system that allows for quick transport both in and around the city. The tramway is the most prominent form of public transport in the city and is the best way to traverse the inner-city. Dresden also offers two inter-city train stations, which provide services to BerlinPrague and further afield. Alternatively, Dresden Airport, which is in the north-west of the city, offers international flights throughout Europe and some further destinations.
Cityscape of Dresden, Germany

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