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Dortmund is the eighth largest city in Germany and has a population of 586,600 as of 2017. It is the largest city by both population and area of the Ruhr with 5.1 million residents. The city is a thriving tourism destination as well as being one of the most significant logistic hubs in Germany. Serviced apartments in Dortmund are located within close proximity of the many corporations, attractions, and transport links within the city, making serviced accommodation in Dortmund highly sought after for business travel.

Dortmund was founded around 882 and during the 13th and 14th century the city became the main centre for the Rhine, Westphalia, and the Netherlands circle of the Hanseatic League. After an 18th month siege in the 1300s in which Dortmund came out as the winning side, the city grew and by the latter half of the 15th century, the city had been made capital of the Rhine-Westphalian and Netherlands Circle. During the industrialisation of Prussia, Dortmund became a hub for the trade and production of coal and steel and soon the town rapidly expanded to become a city. After the World Wars, many of the original building were not restored and many parts of the city were constructed based on the 1950s style.

After the collapse of the steel and coal industry, Dortmund was forced to vary its economy and, as a result, the city branched into a more technology and engineering based economy. Many significant IT and biomedical technology companies call the city home with the TechnologiePark Dortmund being the most successful technology park in Europe. Other companies that are located in the city include Amprion, Wilo, and Rhenus Logistics. Corporate serviced apartments in Dortmund are situated close to the business districts and are within easy reach of these corporations.

Dortmund serviced apartments are also located close to the numerous tourist attractions that the city has to offer. A rising tourist destination, the city boasts a range of wonderful things to do and see. Dortmund Zoo, the German Football Museum, and Cappenberg Castle offer great days out learning about the area and conservation. Many museums such as Museum Wasserschloss Werdringen, the Museum of cultural and artistic history, and the DASA Working World Exhibition also offer incredible ways to see how Dortmund has helped change the world.

Dortmund is served by the Autobahn system and serves as a major junction between European and German traffic. The city is served by the Dortmund Hauptbahnhof which runs regular trains across Germany to major cities such as Frankfurt, Berlin, and Essen. The nearest airport is Dortmund Airport which is a rapidly growing airport and is located 12 km from the city centre. The nearest intercontinental airport is Dusseldorf Airport which can be found 70 km away.

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