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Ensuring your business trip to Germany is a success is of utmost importance. Therefore, you should book your serviced apartment in Böblingen with SilverDoor Apartments for the best possible corporate stay. Providing the best service and offering impartial advice as an agent only interested in what’s best for our clients, we go out of our way to satisfy our corporate clients by tailoring bookings to suit our clients’ needs. As specialists in the sector, and the leading provider of corporate serviced accommodation, our Böblingen serviced apartments are optimised for corporate travellers.

Why choose a SilverDoor Böblingen apartment?

Unlike our competitors, we specialise exclusively in corporate serviced apartments in Böblingen and hundreds of other cities across the world. This means we have a deep understanding of our clients and the needs of corporate travellers. We know that having the correct accommodation can make all the difference while working away from home, and so we provide an exemplary service which answers all questions and removes any stress from travelling or relocation. We serve some of the largest corporations in the world, which is testament to our incredible staff and the ethos of excellence which is central to all we do. Some of the specific benefits we provide our clients are:

·         A vast portfolio. We are the largest provider of corporate serviced apartments in the world. With our years’ of experience and excellent long-standing relationships with the world’s leading property partners, we ensure that all the apartments we offer our clients reflect the very best in the industry. Our excellent connections mean that we not only have an extensive selection of properties to offer; it also means we are able to source the best rates and even make special arrangements on behalf of our clients. We can even source new locations and properties at short notice to serve our clients’ needs.

·         A top rated service. Our Trustpilot score is 4.9/5, reflecting the outstanding service we provide on a daily basis to existing and new clients alike. Our team of in-house experts, in offices across the world, offer 24 hour a day coverage to our customers, meaning we can always offer assistance, service or advice. Our team members are assigned to client accounts to build up a relationship of mutual trust and respect, with many forming long lasting professional friendships which result in the best possible service.

Begin arranging your business trip to Böblingen today - call one of our team members who will walk you through the available properties and options with a friendly, helpful and professional attitude you will certainly appreciate.  

What is a serviced apartment?

The ideal form of accommodation for corporate travellers, serviced apartments offer a unique blend of hotel quality services and the freedom, luxury and space associated with private rentals. Böblingen corporate apartments are no exception, offering spacious and beautifully decorated home-from-home style residences which offer all you need to function at your best when travelling on business. The key benefits of our serviced apartments are:

·         Convenience and flexibility. Unlike small and restrictive hotel rooms, serviced apartments provide everything you need to feel fully at home – with everything you need at your fingertips. With a fully furnished kitchen, you can cook and eat on your own schedule (also avoiding the heavy cost of constantly eating out or relying on hotel meal timers). Similarly, a separate living space allows you to work, rest, relax or entertain on your own schedule, meaning you can ensure you are fully refreshed and prepared for business appointments or meetings.

·         Incredible value. Compared with hotel suites offering similar features, serviced apartments are much more cost effective. This value is furthered for long-stays as beyond a certain threshold tax applied is cut, meaning a greater nightly saving is passed onto the guest. This is perfect for relocating colleagues in need to long-term accommodation while awaiting a permanent residence.

·         Excellent services. With most apartments being part of serviced apartment buildings, many on-site services are often included within the cost of your stay. In addition to housekeeping, many optional extras are provided including fitness centres, swimming pools, conference rooms and even on-site parking.

What do I need to know about staying in Böblingen?

Located in South Germany – in the Baden-Württemberg area – Böblingen is a small city with a population nearing 50,000. Despite its small size, Böblingen is home to several large business enterprises, included electrical and automobile companies.


The city can be reached internationally via the Stuttgart Airport, which offers an S-Bahn connection to Böblingen. Böblingen station also provides regular trains to Stuttgart and Singen, as well as regional districts. Although car transport is popular, the city also offers a local bus service.


Böblingen experiences warm and comfortable summers, with temperatures peaking at about 86F. The winters, conversely, are especially cold, dropping to 15F at times. Year round cloud cover means rain fall is common.

What else is Böblingen known for?


Böblingen was founded in 1253, and the town is famed for hosting one of the worst battles of the German Peasants’ War in 1525, with 3,000 armed peasants killed. Following the Thirty Years’ War, the population of the town had reduced to just 600 in 1648. The population only truly recovered when it was connected to the railroad network in 1879, enabling industrialisation of the town. 


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