All you need to know about Versailles

Versailles is situated 10 miles west of the capital Paris in the north of France. The city is world renowned for its royal chateau named The Palace of Versailles. The palace began as a lodge in 1624 and took over 100 years to become the splendour it is today. Versailles is also famous for other historical occurrences, including the Treaty of Versailles, which ended the state of war between Germany and Allied Powers after World War I.

The city is a wealthy tourist destination, which attracts both leisure and business travellers. Must see locations include the Royal Tennis Court, the King’s Kitchen Garden, the Academy of Equestrian Arts and Musée Lambinet, the city’s municipal museum. Tickets for guided tours and events at the Palace of Versailles can be pre-bought throughout the year.

Paris Orly Airport is the nearest serving airport to Versailles and is approximately 15 miles south east of the city. The airport offers flights to international destinations including Europe, America and Asia. Versailles – Chantiers station is the city’s main serving station, offering trains to destinations across France.
The Royal Residence in Versailles, France

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