All you need to know about Poitiers

Poitiers is a city located in the department of Vienne in France. The city is situated in a central western position of the country and in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The Clain River runs through the city. Poitiers is located approximately 322 kilometres south-west of Paris, the capital of France. Other large cities that Poitiers is located near are Nantes which is 170 kilometres northwest of Poitiers and the coastal city La Rochelle which is 135 kilometres west of Poitiers.  The population of Poitiers, as of 2015, was 87,918 residents; the last ten year prior to 2015, the city had a very stable population. The main language spoken in Poitiers is French and the currency used in the city and the surrounding areas is the Euro. Due to Poitiers important geographical location as a traditional stopping spot from France into Western Europe, it has made the city a popular destination for business travellers that seek quality serviced accommodation.

The historic city of Poitiers gets its name from the Pictones, a Gallic tribe that first settled on the land. A key part of Poitiers history comes in 732 when French ruler Charles Martel and his troops defeated the Saracens and ended their attempt to conquer France. During the revolution, the English ruled Poitiers in 1356 after winning the Battle of Poitiers but the French reconquered the city a few years later in 1369. During the 19th century there were several army bases built in Poitiers and the surrounding areas this was due to its central location. Poitiers suffered from heavy bombing during World War II, after the war the beautiful city was rebuilt and is still often referred to as the ‘town of 100 bell towers’.

The main industries in Poitiers are educational services, agriculture and tourism. Poitiers University is one of the oldest universities in France and students makeup 25% of Poitiers population. Business travellers visiting the university often stay in a serviced apartment that can be found throughout Poitiers. Agriculture is another important industry in the city the area is known for its wine producing and walnut production is popular in the area. Tourism in Poitiers generates a large percentage of the city’s GDP with thousands of tourist visiting the scenic city each year. There is a range of serviced apartments in Poitiers that are perfect for business travel and leisure trips alike.

There are many things to do in Poitiers whilst visiting the city on business. There is a range of popular tourist attractions that are a great way of taking time out of the working day or a perfect activity for the weekend. Poitiers has a cast range of beautiful architecture that is a must see on your visit to the city these include, Notre-Dame la Grande, Palace of Poitiers and Poitiers Cathedral. Other popular attractions include The Musee Sainte-Croix, the largest museum in the city and Blossac Park, a beautiful park open to the public and the perfect place for a walk, run or picnic. There are many serviced apartments close to a number of Poitiers most popular attractions.

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