All you need to know about Périgueux

Perigueux is a quiet commune in France. It lies to the southwest of the country and overlooks the Isle – a long river which allows flows through various towns in the region. It has a population of more 30,000, and is home to many wonderful sites and attractions.

The Perigueux derives from the Celtic/Latin word Petrocorii, meaning four tribes, with reference to the Gaelic people that settled there before the Romans took over.

Under Roman occupation the town was renamed Civitas Petrocoriorum, at which point it became embellished with baths, ampitheatres and temples. Many of these sites still remain and are now accompanied by parks, museums and galleries.

The best way to get around in Perigueux is by train. You can board a train at Perigueux railway station which connects to other French cities like Bordeaux, Limoges and Brive-le-Gaillard. The closest airport to Perigueux is Bergerac Airport, at 30 miles away. 

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