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Pau is a city located in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the south-west of France. Pau is the capital of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department. This city is situated approximately 65 kilometres from the Spanish border and 100 kilometres from the coast.  Major cities that are close to Pau include Toulouse which is 168 kilometres northeast of Pau and Bordeaux which is 190 kilometres north of Pau. The population of Pau as of 2015 was 77,215, the city has had a small decrease in population over the last ten years. In Pau the main language spoken is French and the currency used is the Euro. Pau’s fast-growing metropolitan area has made the city an increasingly attractive destination for business travel professionals seeking quality furnished accommodation such as serviced apartments.

Pau has a rich history and has been occupied by human civilization for thousands of years. The area was sparsely populated until the late 1000s when the city was founded it attracted civilization to the area and the population of Pau began to grow.  The city was strategically positioned between Orthez and Nay as it was difficult to cross the River Ousse and another fort town was needed. During the 20th century, Pau was a popular town among European nobility where they spend the winter months, over this time period a lot of lavish villas were built in the area. This tourism came to an abrupt stop at the outbreak of WW1. Between 1971 and 2006, Mayor Andre Laberrere worked hard to make the city a beautiful tourism hub once again.

Pau has many popular industries including tourism, technical and scientific research and food-processing industry. Pau is a large tourism hub that hosts a variety of sporting events during the year including horse races, international golf competitions, car races, the Tour de France and white water sports. Pau has the largest global white water sports centre, which attracts a large number of people to the city on an annual basis. Total, a French multinational oil and gas company heavily invested in Pau and the surrounding areas with the creation of their main technical and scientific research centre which employees over 2,900 people. Pau also has a strong food processing industry and is home to Euralis and Lindt, both large companies in the global food market. Due to the large variety of industries in Pau, there is a high demand for business accommodation in the city. Many business travelling professionals come to the city seeking quality serviced apartments; SilverDoor Apartments offer a range of serviced apartments near a range of large business hubs in the city that are a perfect option.

As Pau is a popular tourist hub there is a range of brilliant attractions in the city and the surrounding areas. Tourist attractions are a great way of taking time out of your working day, some of Paus most iconic attractions include Chateau de Pau, Boulevard des Pyrénées, Funiculaire de Pau and Musée des Beaux-Art. Pau also offers many beautiful walks in the countryside and has panoramic views of the beautiful mountain range Pau looks over. There are many serviced apartments in Pau city centre, within close range of the most popular tourist attractions.

Pau is a well-connected city with many major roads and highways linking to other major towns and cities in the region. The A64 runs through the centre of Pau and goes east to Tarbes and west to the coast to Bayonne. Aéroport Pau Pyrénées is the closest airport to the city, situated just over ten kilometres from the city centre. Pau has an efficient network of bus routes that connect the surrounding suburbs to the city. Furthermore, Pau has a system of public bike hire all around the city. SilverDoor Apartments offer a range of serviced accommodation close to a ranger of these popular transport links.

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