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A university city in France, Clermont-Ferrand is nestled at the bottom of the Chaîne des Puys Mountains.  The city has a population of 141,569 as of the 2012 census and its economic base is mainly focused on the local students. The city also boasts a large food production and engineering industry. Clermont-Ferrand serviced apartments are a good accommodation choice for those on business in the area. Serviced apartments in Clermont-Ferrand offer more space, flexibility, and privacy, than other options.

Clermont-Ferrand is rich in history and is one of the oldest cities in France. The city was officially established in 1630 when Clermont was combined with the satellite city of Montferrand by force of the Edict of Troyes. The small city of Montferrand maintained its size and made demands for independence throughout the 1700s and the 1800s. During the 20th Century urban developments, the creation of the Michelin factories, and the city gardens led to the unification of the two cities. However, to this day Montferrand retains a strong identity away from that of Clermont.

Serviced apartments in Clermont-Ferrand are located near to the corporations, factories, and processing plants that make up the city’s economy. During the 1900s the city was the main manufacturer for French tyre maker’s Michelin and nowadays the city is still home to their headquarters. Many pharmaceutical companies and software corporations are also located in the city.

Clermont-Ferrand offers many things for guests to enjoy and serviced apartments in Clermont-Ferrand are located close to tourist attractions and historic sites. The Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral towers over the city and is stunningly beautiful and impressive. Visitors can explore numerous museums that preserve the local history or wander through La Place de Jaude, the city’s main gathering point that is interspersed with fountains and statues.

The Clermont-Ferrand central station runs regular connections to Paris and other cities in France such as Lyon and Nimes. Tramways run throughout the city and make for easy access to both attractions and corporations within Clermont-Ferrand. Clermont-Ferrand airport is located just 7 kilometres east of the city centre.

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