All you need to know about Bourges

Bourges is a city located in the department of Cher in the centre of France. Bourges is located approximately 250 kilometres south of Paris and 270 kilometres northeast of Lyon, the city benefits from having a very central location. The population of Bourges, as of 2015, was 66,071, the main language spoken is French and the currency used is the euro. Bourges is sister cities with many other cities including Augsburg (Germany), Aveiro (Portugal), Koszalin (Poland) and Peterborough (United Kingdom). Bourges fast-growing the metropolitan area has made the city an increasingly attractive destination for business travel professionals seeking quality furnished accommodation such as serviced apartments.

Bourges has a rich history and was first inhabited around 1000 BC by Celtic tribesman. The city was once the capital of France during the rule of Charles VII from 1403 to 1461, it became a commercially busy centre and the home to Palace of Jacques Coeur, one of the most elegant French stately homes. Bourges is also home to the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Etienne, a magnificent building that is considered as one of the first examples of the High Gothic style. Bourges has a long-standing tradition of being popular for art and history and is known for its beautiful buildings and fine townhouses.

Bourges is an up and coming area with a large percentage of the workforce of the city working in industries such as development, research and technology. Bourges is also a popular destination for tourism and hospitality and these industries drive a lot of revenue into the city. One of the historic industries in Bourges that still exists today is agricultural which includes winemaking. Dues to the cities large range of industries it makes Bourges an increasingly attractive destination for business travellers seeking serviced apartments.

Due to Bourges being a large tourist hub it has many brilliant attractions that are perfect for taking time out of your business day or on your weekend. Some of the best things to do in Bourges include visiting Bourges Cathedral, this extraordinary building is a must see on your trip to the city. The cathedral is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of a kind. Other popular attractions include Bourges Old Town, Palais Jacques-Coeur, Jardin de l’Archeveche and Marais de Bourges.

Bourges central location results in the city having many transport links. The city is connected by road to many other popular cities in the area. The city has one large train station, Gare de Bourges, which is located in the city centre and connects to Paris in less than two hours.  Bourges Airport is located just on the outskirts of the city centre and is a small regional airport. There are many serviced apartments in Bourges close to these transport links so business travellers coming to Bourges can easily access the city and travel around.

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