All you need to know about Avignon

Avignon is a city located in Provence, France. This city is in the south-eastern region of France and in the department of Vaucluse, this city is situated approximately 90 kilometres east of Montpellier and 220 kilometres south of Lyon. The population of Avignon, as of 2015, was 92,130 residents. The main language spoken in Avignon is French and the currency used in the euro.  Avignon growing population has made the city an attractive destination for business travel professionals seeking quality serviced apartments in Avignon.

The history of Avignon is much disputed and the city has been fought over and occupied by many different people over the years. Civilisation in Avignon dates back to 4,000 BC when the Romans arrived in the area.  Later in history during the 14th century, Pope Clement V fled Rome and chose Avignon as his preferred seat living in the Papal Palace. The city became the centre of the Roman Catholic world, the popes stayed in the city until 1377. After the church returned to Rome, the city suffered from endless invasions for many years. Avignon eventually becoming a part of France in 1791, two years after the country’s revolution. Avignon grew and developed over the years and the population boomed during the pre-war period. After WWII, the city became very cultural, hosting an annual theatre festival; in 2000 Avignon was named the Europe’s City of Culture.

Avignon is a hub of business with over 7,000 corporations within the city; its main economic focus is on tourism and agriculture which adds to a large percentage of the GDP. Many business travellers choose this designation due to its increasing tourist industry where many hospitality and tourism corporation are located.  The city is also headquarters to the World Council of the tomato industry, meaning many agricultural business travellers come to the city. Serviced apartments in Avignon situate guests close to the thriving business districts.

As Avignon is a large tourism hub there are many things to see and do in the city. Avignon’s most popular tourist attraction is the Palais des Papes with over 570,000 tourists visiting the palace every year. The city is also home to many art museums, the most popular being Musée de Petit Palais which is home to several famous masterpieces. Pont d’Avignon is another one of the city’s most iconic attractions; visitors can visit the ruins of this medieval bridge and admire the beauty of the bridge. Tourist attractions are great for taking time out of your working day; there is a range of serviced apartments close to a number of Avignon’s most popular attractions.

Avignon is a very well connected city and has many excellent transport links. Avignon is located near two major highways in France, the A7 autoroute, which goes south to Marseille and north to Valence and the A9 autoroute, which travels south to Montpellier.  The city has two large train stations, Gare d’Avignon-Centre and Gare d’Avignon TGV, both located in central locations in the city. Avignon-Provence Airport is 10 kilometres outside the city centre of Avignon, providing easy access into the city. SilverDoor offer serviced apartments and corporate housing close to these main transport links.

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