All you need to know about Antibes

Antibes is a city located in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France. This Mediterranean resort is situated between Nice and Cannes, in the south-east of France. Antibes is approximately ten kilometres from Cannes and twenty kilometres from Nice. The population of Antibes has been gradually increasing in recent years and the official population as of 2015 was 74,875. The main language spoken in Antibes is French and the currency used is the Euro. Antibes has several sister cities including Alborg (Denmark), Eilat (Turkey), Kinsale (Ireland) and Newport Beach (USA). As Antibes has had an increasing population in recent years it has made the city an attractive destination for business travel professionals seeking quality serviced apartments. 

Antibes is a historic city with a rich history, full of ancient buildings and landmarks. Antibes was originally named Antipolis and was established by the Greeks. Antibes has always been a popular trading port and a key factor in what the city is known for. Between 1384 and 1608, the city became a Roman Town, during this time the city went through many infrastructure improvements. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the city has many years of unrest and was consistently being invaded by a variety of barbarians. In The 15th century, Antibes became under French rule and settled. Due to Antibes beautiful surroundings, many wealthy people were attracted to the area and still are to this day.

The key industry in Antibes is the tourism industry with thousands of people visiting the city each year. Another popular industry in the city includes horticulture, with a large number of roses and hydrangeas getting produced in the area this also contributes to the city’s income. The city also has one of the largest science and technology parks, Sophia Antipolis, just nine kilometres outside of the city centre. The park is home to over 2,230 companies who employ over 36,300 people; many people travel to the park on business and need suitable corporate accommodation. SilverDoor offer a range of serviced apartments in Antibes which is the perfect place to stay as it was easily accessible from Sophia Antipolis.

As Antibes is a popular tourist hub it is full of many brilliant attractions, iconic landmarks and has lively ambience. Antibes Old Town is a beautiful place to wander around filled with cobbled streets, one-off boutiques, cafes, restaurants and amazing seaside views, it is a great place to spend some time after a busy day at work. Other popular attractions in Antibes include Musée Picasso, Fort Carré, Marineland and Cap d’Antibes. Tourist attractions are a great way of taking time out of the working day, there is a range of serviced apartments close to a number of Antibes most popular attractions.

Antibes is a well-connected city with many excellent transport links. The city has many autoroutes that connect to neighbouring cities, Highway AB runs through the top of Antibes and travels all the way to Marseille and Montpellier.  In the city centre, Gare d’Antibes, the main train station provides connections to many other cities including Nice, Cannes, Marseille and Paris. The nearest airport to Antibes is Nice Cote d’Azur Airport which is fourteen kilometres from the city centre. There is a selection of serviced apartments near a range of popular transport links in Antibes, perfect for business travellers.

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