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A SilverDoor serviced apartment is an essential ingredient for a successful business trip to Rauma. Providing you with the space, comfort and convenience necessary for a productive visit to the Finnish city, SilverDoor Apartments have the best selection of properties ideally suited to the corporate traveller. Our friendly team can help you with every aspect of your stay – from finding the right accommodation, to recommending the best venues to visit.

Why choose a SilverDoor Rauma apartment?

When selecting accommodation for your business trip to Rauma, it is natural to seek advice from business accommodation experts – and that’s where we step in. SilverDoor Apartments has years of experience in sourcing and booking the very best corporate serviced apartments across the globe. We excel at giving the best advice, recommendations and travel tips for your stay. Below are just some reasons why you should book with us:

·         We have forged strong and lasting relationships with the world’s leading property partners, meaning we can source the best apartments and make arrangements which best suit you. Our team members also stay in our apartments as often as possible, meaning we have first-hand experience of locations and facilities which helps us to provide more accurate recommendations.

·         Our team is comprised of the most devoted and passionate experts in the business, meaning the service we provide is exemplary. Each of our team members is helpful, friendly, professional and dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. The hundreds of Trustpilot reviews lauding our tremendous team speak volumes about our values and practices.

·         We are always growing our portfolio with new and high quality properties, meaning wherever you are going in the world for your business trip, we will be able to provide you with the best available accommodation. Even if you can’t find properties in your destination on our website, one of our account handlers will always attempt to source a serviced apartment in the area.

When you are ready to book your stay in Rauma, call one of our dedicated members of staff who will ensure your needs are met with a perfect serviced apartment ideal for you or your colleagues.

What is a serviced apartment?

A corporate serviced apartment is a residence tailored to the business traveller – providing privacy, spacious living areas, flexibility and optional hotel standard services and features. With this form of accommodation, business can be conducted away from home in optimum comfort and with the most convenient facilities. Just some of the benefits a serviced apartment offers are:

·         A flexible and private space. A serviced apartment is more versatile than a hotel room. Having designated living areas, such as a fitted kitchen and sitting room, you can truly make yourself at home and utilise the space provided as you see fit. You won’t have to deal with the noise and bustle of a busy hotel foyer and corridors – you can instead enjoy the privacy and peace corporate accommodation provides.

·         Value for money. Compared with hotels offering similar features (such as a kitchen and living area – which itself is hard to find in a hotel), serviced apartments are much better value for money. Additionally, more money can be saved when booking a long-stay apartment, as beyond a certain duration threshold serviced apartments reduce their nightly rate – meaning they are ideal for colleagues who are relocating to a permanent residence in a new area.

·         First rate services and facilities. Serviced aparthotels offer a high standard of décor, furnishings and functions. From fully fitted kitchens to comfortable living rooms, a serviced apartment has everything you need to be self-sufficient during your working trip. Furthermore, most of our apartments come with optional services which are often included in the price, such as housekeeping, on-site parking, swimming pools, gymnasiums and business conference rooms.

What do I need to know about staying in Rauma?


As a relatively remote Finnish town, Rauma does not have a dedicated airport. Its nearest airports are located in Pori and Turku – but many advise that the fastest option when flying may be to go direct to Helsinki then board a connecting train or bus. Bus connections are comprehensive, and Rauma has a Long-distance bus station at its centre, with buses leaving to other cities every 1-3 hours in the day.


Despite its isolation, Rauma offers an impressive array of activities for those staying in the area. Otantalhti Beach offers the opportunity to enjoy a sandy shore (especially in the warmer months), and there is even an 18-hole golf course for keen golfers to enjoy. The town also boasts a cinema, theatre and swimming hall, as well as free sea side saunas from June to August.  


Rauma experiences an expected range of weather for its location, with comfortably warm summers (approximately 3 months) and extremely cold winters. The cold season lasts for 4 months and has an average daily temperate of less than 2 Celsius.   

What else is Rauma known for?


Rauma has a complicated and intriguing history. Helsinki famously relocated the populations of several towns in the 1500s in order to ensure its economic growth, but the townsmen of Rauma refused and so the town continued to grow unimpeded. Almost the entire town of Rauma was destroyed by fires in 1640 and 1682. Even today the city has approximately 600 wooden buildings. The city was famous for seafaring trade, and is particularly noted for its production of high quality lace since the 18th century.


Nowadays Rauma is an industrial city, with its main industries being paper production and shipbuilding. The town remains a significant Finnish port, and ships almost 6 million tonnes of goods each year. Since the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant was built in the area, the town continues to attract many engineers and technicians from Central Europe which in turn has contributed towards a diversification of cafes and restaurants. 

Rauma old town

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