All you need to know about Cairo

Standing on the banks of the river Nile is Cairo, one of the largest cities in Africa and the capital of Egypt for over a thousand years. The gateway to the Nile delta, Cairo is a location of physical contrast as plush vegetation shares landscape with towering skyscrapers. Though vehemently connected to its past, Cairo is home to a modern, vibrant society where residential life is energetic and tourist activity is abuzz. A city that juxtaposes ancient and new, the Pyramids of Giza stand at the southwestern edge of the metropolis, while modern landmarks, shopping malls and serviced apartments overlook the Nile River. Acting as a centre for culture, art, and beauty, a business trip to Cairo will exceed expectations. Here at SilverDoor, we have a range of corporate accommodation available for you to choose from; enquire today and we can elevate your stay with one of our many serviced apartments in Cairo..

What do I need to know about staying Cairo?

Preserved within the medieval Islamic city is the history of Old Cairo where the ancient Pharaonic cultural sites of Egypt are the most visited attractions in the Middle East and North Africa. Besides the Pyramids, Sphinx, and Egyptian Museum, there are a multitude of interesting sites, such as the Citadel of Saladin, for those wanting to discover more so be sure to venture all over the city for a more in-depth experience. Midan Tahrir is the beating heart in central Cairo, and it is here where there are numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops for you to discover. The climate in Cairo is extreme, reliably featuring eight months of summer and four months of winter, we would recommend visiting between November and April in order to beat the heat on your business trip.

Transport in Cairo

With crowded streets and chaotic traffic, diversifying your transport options is essential when travelling through the city at peak times. The metro is a quick and simple way to get around and will save you battling through rush-hour traffic. Cairo also has an expansive network of buses and micro-buses dotted around the city as well as the stunning river bus that traverses the Nile. Visitors can benefit from the Nile taxi service; with a variety of taxis on offer, guests can choose whether to wait until a boat fills up with passengers or pre-book a time slot. For a safe, solo journey, private cars are available with regular taxi services as well as alternative means such as Uber and Careem that help you book a car with a few clicks.

Shopping in Cairo

Cairo is a juxtaposing city where streets steeped in history nestle amongst designer boutiques and glittering malls. As one of Africa’s most cosmopolitan and progressive modern metropolises, the city reflects this dichotomy with top places to purchase major branded goods as well as maze-like marketplaces and bazaars. If you only have time for one shopping excursion on your business trip to Cairo, make sure to visit the capital’s oldest and most iconic souk, Khan el-Khalili. This sprawling market incorporates more than twenty individual caravanserais and their connecting alleyways, featuring a range of treasures from exotic spices to glimmering jewellery. Mega-mall Citystars Heliopolis is well worth the half-hour journey to the Nasr City district from downtown Cairo. This ultra-sleek destination features more than 750 stores, two indoor theme parks, a cinema, and a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. Mall of Egypt follows a similar premise located near the Giza Pyramids but also features an entertainment centre, laser tag arena, and the first indoor ski slope in Africa.

Facts about Cairo

Cairo is the only city in the world that still has a remaining ancient wonder of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza which was constructed as a tomb for King Khufu. One of the tallest buildings in the world standing at 146.7 meters high, it was the tallest structure in the world made by human hands before the Eiffel Tower was complete and remained this way for over 3000 years. Over two million blocks of stone make up the pyramid and construction took around 20 years. Cairo is a city of festivals; different times of the year will expose you to a myriad of traditional celebrations in music, film, art, culture, fashion, and food. Residents can read all about the happenings of the city in the daily newspaper as Cairo is the only place in Egypt with this small luxury. Al-Ahram newspaper founded in 1876 is the second oldest and best-known paper in the Arab world.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Cairo with SilverDoor?

When searching for a serviced apartment in Cairo, SilverDoor has got you covered. Our 20 years of experience in the industry offers a clear representation of our expertise and dedication in what we do. Unrivalled within the sector, we have over 320,000 serviced apartments worldwide for guests to visit and enjoy. Our Trustpilot rating contributes to the confidence that we have in our service and in our ability to match you to your ideal serviced apartment in Cairo. Whether you need restaurant recommendations, apartment information or location advice, we are here to answer any questions you may have. With a presence in 110 countries, we are confident that you will be in the best hands when staying in a SilverDoor serviced apartment.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced Apartments in Cairo are ideal for business travel, with a variety of spaces on offer we can tailor your stay to meet your every need. Our private, flexible spaces are designed for you to enjoy and perfectly arranged to make guests feel at home. Our portfolio includes an extensive amount of variety, with each property boasting different locations and amenities to make visitors feel more at home. Featuring facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen, living area and multiple bedrooms depending upon group size, guests can separate their work from their home and relax comfortably. Rooms are cleaned regularly, and guests are able to experience the space and freedom of private accommodation whilst having all the services of a hotel. Do not hesitate to contact a member of our team for any specific requirements you may have as we will work hard to accommodate your every need.

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