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Sønderborg is a town in Denmark. It’s located in the Region of Southern Denmark, and, as the principal administrative seat of Sønderborg Municipality, provides an ideal base for corporate accommodation. The town itself has a population of over 27,000, while the wider metropolitan area is home to some 75,000 people. It falls within the Central Europe Time zone, and is home to the major industrial company, Danfoss. Serviced Apartments in the area provide a great alternative to hotel rooms, with more space, flexibility and privacy.

Sønderborg was founded in 1256, and chartered in 1461. The town developed around Sønderborg Castle, which originally went by the name Sondre Borg. In 1660, a famous palace was built in Sønderborg followed by a small village close by. The palace was later redeveloped into the beautiful baroque building that we see today.

Sønderborg’s landscape was heavily influenced by the Ice Age which has shaped its various valleys, coves, lakes and hills. The town is home to a number of ancient monuments dating back to the Stone Age, as well as various beaches - which are great for bathing. These attractions are matched by excellent serviced apartments which make the perfect accommodation choice in Sønderborg.

The town is divided by a narrow strait called the Alssund which runs through its middle and serves as a waterfront. Just a short walk from the waterfront is some excellent SilverDoor apartments which provide a scenic place to stay. Top attractions in Sønderborg include Sønderborg Castle, Gråsten Palace and Gråsten Slotskirke. Other sites worth seeing include Gendarmstien, Broager Kirke and Dyvig Bro. For shopping, head to the department store, Guldhammer, and, for nature, check out Nordborg Slotspark. A number of prominent people hail from Sønderborg including painter, Christian August Lorentzen and explorer, Richard Parkinson.

Sønderborg is served by trains, buses and ferries. It’s linked by the Sønderborg Highway which runs from Kliplev to Alssand Bridge and an expressway connecting Sønderborg to the rest of Als. Sydratraifk provides the vast majority of Sønderborg’s buses, which cover the entire municipality. The town also offers regional routes and night buses. Sønderborg Airport is located 5 miles from Sønderborg’s downtown area. Many of SilverDoor’s serviced apartments are located in touching distance of transport links, providing all-round convenience.

Complete your trip to Sønderborg with a stay in a SilverDoor serviced apartment. Our Sønderborg accommodation is perfect for business travel. 

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