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All you need to know about Croatia

Croatia Serviced Apartments
Country Facts - Croatia

Croatia’s location has long made it a prime trade route. Located between central and southeast Europe the country is a thriving hub of business travel and commercial trade. Bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Hungary the country has numerous link and relationships across the continent. It also shares a maritime border and trade with nearby Italy. The country has a population of 4.28 million.

Croatia is home to a high-income economy, with the net salary of a worker averaging 5,895 HRK per month. The main economic base in Croatia is tourism, which contributes 20% of the Croatian GDP. In 2017 the tourism industry in the country led to an income of €9.5 billion. Many of the businesses in Croatia are focused around the tourism sector, with many in retail and hospitality industries. Many service-based sectors also call Croatia home, with this industry making up 70% of the Croatian GDP. As well as tourism and services, the rest of the Croatian economy is made up of Industry and agriculture. Bluewater fish and organic goods are two of Croatia’s main exports in the agriculture sector.

With bright blue seas, white sand beaches, and incredible nature reserves filled with waterfalls and lakes, it is easy to see why Croatia is a number one destination for tourism. Business travel to this country is becoming ever-more popular, and corporate guests can benefit from the numerous attractions and historic sites that Croatia has to offer. Serviced apartments in Croatia area great base to spend your business stay, with more flexibility, space, and privacy than alternative accommodation options. Enquire Today.

Key Facts

Capital: Zagreb
Population: 4,154,200
Currency: Kuna (HRK)
Dominant religion: Christian 
Language: Croatian 
Time Zone: UTC +1
Main exports: Transport Equipment 
Internet domain: .hr
International dial code: +385

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