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All you need to know about Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica and the national flag
Country Facts - Costa Rica

Located in Central America, the Republic of Costa Rica is one of the most stable and progressive nations in Latin America and is the only one to have had a democracy since 1950. The country also prides itself on their environmental sustainability, making it one of the most successfully green countries in the world.

Costa Rica has a GDP of an estimated $61.43 billion, with the majority of this coming from tourism and agriculture. It has two seasons, tropical and dry, both ideal for agriculture, meaning that their main exports include bananas, pineapples and coffee. With one of the highest levels of direct foreign investment, Costa Rica have made major advances to infrastructure and technology, with the over 90% of their electricity now coming from renewable energy.

The Republic of Costa Rica is one of the most visited nations in Central America, with an estimated 2.5 million international tourists visiting each year. Key tourist destinations include national parks and protected areas such as, Coco Island and Corcovado national park.

Although serviced apartments aren't particularly prominent within Costa Rica, the apartments that are available offer corporate travellers the perfect accommodation option with more space and comfort than an extended hotel stay.

Key Facts
Capital: San José 
Population: 5 million
Currency: Costa Rican Colón (? ) (CRC)
Language: Spanish
Dominant religion: Roman Catholic
Time zone: (UTC-6)
Main exports: Bananas, Coffee, Sugar
Internet domain: .cr
International dial code: +506

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