All you need to know about Xi'an

Located in Western China, Xi’an is the oldest city in the People’s Republic of China and was previously known as Chang’an. The city is rich in hundreds of years of history and is well known for its cultural and educational influence over China. The population currently stands at just over eight and a half million, making it one of the most populous cities in China.

The city is part of the Western China Development, which aimed to reform its economy by changing from a command, to a market economy. Xi’an became a centre for accelerated development and now maintains an average annual growth of 14.5%. Manufacturing is the main industry sector and accounts for almost 50% of the city’s annual output. However, the city is not all business, as the tourism industry is thriving here. Famous historical landmarks bring thousands of visitors per year; the most popular attractions include the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the bell tower and the Watchtower of the City Wall. The archaeological wonders are documented well in the cities many museums. If you prefer an alternative to history there are multiple shopping complexes including The Bell and Drum Tower, souvenir markets are also scattered around the city. The idyllic parks are also a point of interest in Xi’an and are known for their ability to merge the traditional sites with the modern changes in the city.

Xi’an is most widely travelled by foot and many bridges and underpasses have been built to help with safety and convenience. The city is also served by the largest airport in North West China. The airport flies to multiple European cites as well as Canada and America. The main railway station in Xi’an is the most frequented link between the north and south, buses travelling to the station can be found all over the city.

Overview of Xi'an city centre landmark

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