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When travelling on business to Shaoxing, corporate housing is the best form of accommodation for you and your colleagues. Our range of corporate serviced apartments in Shaoxing has been specially selected to reflect our clients’ high standards and expectations. With years of experience in dealing with corporate clients and developing a depth of understanding of what the business traveller requires, SilverDoor Apartments is the leading expert in sourcing and supplying corporate aparthotels in Shaoxing and across the globe.  

Why choose a SilverDoor Shaoxing apartment? 

To receive the most expert guidance and professional service when booking your serviced apartment in Shaoxing, choose SilverDoor Apartments. With hundreds of 5 star Trustpilot reviews to our name from countless returning clients, it’s easy to understand why our reputation for excellence precedes us. As specialists in corporate accommodation, we ensure our service is tailored to corporate clients – this means that, unlike other providers, we have an enhanced understanding of the business traveller’s requirements and go out of our way to ensure they are met on time, every time. 

Booking with SilverDoor Apartments rewards you with a range of benefits, including:

The capacity to meet your requests. As well as maintaining a growing customer base (who use our services again and again); we also maintain excellent relationships with our business partners. This allows us to personally make contact with our partners and receive instant feedback on individual customer requests – whether it is rate adjustment, special arrangements or additional required services, we can work fast to make requests on your behalf. Furthermore, we arrange for our team members to stay in our apartments, meaning we can provide detailed information and advice from a first-hand perspective.   
A growing portfolio. With property partners all over the globe, we are able to source new apartments with ease – it all comes down to our clients. If you require an apartment in a location we don’t currently advertise, simply let us know your requirements and we will find the best options around and update our portfolio as quickly as possible. What’s more, as we have such an excellent reputation with property providers, more and more serviced apartments are brought to us every day – making your available options greater all the time.  

Ready to find your perfect corporate housing in Shaoxing? Call our helpful team today for a personalised selection and service. Or you can browse our complete collection on our website and see the stunning standards of our properties for yourself. 

What is a serviced apartment? 

For a perfect mix of hotel quality luxury services and private rented residence, a Shaoxing corporate serviced apartment is the ultimate choice. Especially useful for business travellers for the privacy and home from home feel they provide, our serviced apartments are specially selected with you and your colleagues in mind. Regardless of your destination and your requirements, we will strive to source the very best corporate accommodation in Shaoxing for you. A summary of just some of the excellent benefits a SilverDoor serviced apartments provides is below.

Flexible living quarters. With designated areas complete with accessories, utilities and luxurious furnishings, our serviced apartments are spacious and well-designed residences which allow you to live comfortably. With separate areas for working, sleeping, cooking, relaxing and entertaining, our apartments are ideal for those wishing to keep to their own schedule, uninhibited by the set housekeeping and cramped arrangements of a hotel room. 
Amazing value. For the space, features and amenities included, a serviced apartment is much less expensive than a hotel suite offering a similar experience. In addition to this immediate saving, our apartments also benefit from a tax reduction beyond a booking threshold, meaning longer stay apartments in Shaoxing save you even more money. This feature is particularly beneficial when arranging long term corporate accommodation for relocating colleagues. 
High quality services. In addition to having a flexible living space with all you could need included, serviced apartments often come with on-site facilities, making your business trip even more convenient. If you need a meeting room, quick meal, or want to maintain an exercise regime, a serviced apartment is ideal, as many include: gymnasiums, swimming pools, parking, bars and restaurants, conference rooms and much more. 

What do I need to know about staying in Shaoxing? 

Shaoxing is a city located in Chain’s Zhejiang province and has a population of around 5 million. The city is ancient, and in 2010 celebrated its 2,500th anniversary since its founding.


Having no airport of its own, the best way to reach the city by air is to fly to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and then travel by shuttle bus (the bus taking approximately 50 minutes).
Know to some as China’s very own Venice, Shaoxing features many narrow waterways. As such, there are many boat and river cruises available in the city for those who want to enjoy a leisurely tour of the city by water.  


Shaoxing has a subtropical climate, meaning it is mostly warm and moist throughout the year. July can see temperatures reach as high as 39 degrees centigrade. Heavy rainfall dominates two rainy seasons, from March to June and in September. The most comfortable weather is considered to be during April and May. 

What else is Shaoxing known for? 


Since its early establishment, Shaoxing has been a commercial centre for agriculture in the region – and the city area produces two crops of rice per year, along with other crops such as cotton and rapeseed. The city is also known for its wine making – with its city wine having a distinctive flavour and taste. Since the 1980s, the city has been one of China’s main textile-manufacturing centres. 


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