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Serviced apartments in Dongguan, China are optimised for the business traveller. This form of accommodation provides spacious, well-appointed and fully fitted residences which serve as a home from home for those travelling to a new city. Our specialist team source only the finest corporate accommodation in Dongguan and throughout the world, meaning a SilverDoor apartment is ideal for your business travel needs.

Why choose a SilverDoor Dongguan apartment?

SilverDoor Apartments are corporate accommodation experts – and the leaders in the business. With years of experience behind us and an extensive network of property partner and client relationships, it’s no wonder some of the world’s largest corporations choose to use our services above others. Our portfolio of corporate serviced apartments in Dongguan and elsewhere is expanding all the time, as we source new properties that best reflect the needs of our customers. There are many advantages to booking your corporate housing in Dongguan with SilverDoor Apartments, with just some benefits being:

·         Outstanding service. We have accrued hundreds of detailed, glowing reviews from the countless clients we have served since our formation. This is all down to our superb team of account handling experts, who go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with a booking suited to your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our office locations across the world allow us to ensure we always have staff members on hand to answer enquiries and queries, meaning you are always able to reach us.

·         Expert insight. Thanks to the many excellent relationships we hold with our property partners, we have an in-depth knowledge of the apartments we advertise and their surroundings. Often we are able to contact partners directly to make specific requests and enquiries for our clients, and even negotiate rates, services and special arrangements. Furthermore, we visit and stay in many of our properties, meaning we can provide additional, first-hand insight to better advise you when arranging your booking.

To begin your journey to China, book your ideal corporate serviced apartment in Dongguan today. Call a dedicated member of staff who will provide you with a personalised service and recommendations to get your booking underway. Alternatively, explore our listed properties for a taste of the quality properties we provide.

What is a serviced apartment?

Whereas a hotel room is confined and restricted by hotel scheduling, a serviced apartment is spacious, private and completely flexible to your requirements. We believe serviced apartments in Dongguan make perfect places to stay when travelling on business because of the home from home feeling it provides and the options available to live as comfortably as possible. Having a place to stay which allows you to function at your best means your business trip is much more likely to be a success. Serviced apartments offer many benefits to our clients, such as:

·         Private living. Hotels are often busy, bustling buildings which don’t lend themselves to business travel. Our serviced apartments are set in quiet, peaceful dedicated buildings which don’t have the constant comings and goings of a busy hotel. Unlike a small hotel room, our apartments provide space and privacy, with dedicated living areas providing all you need. This means you can work in the comfort of your own space, undisturbed.

·         Superb services. The element of a hotel that serviced apartments have retained is that of additional services. Many of our properties come with these services on-site and included with the cost. They can include: fitness centres, swimming pools, conference rooms, 24-hour receptions, cinemas and more. All of these features mean you are better able to continue your schedule and way of living while travelling away from home – such as a fitness regime you like to keep on top of.

·         Outstanding value. Compared with hotel suites of similar size and similar features, serviced apartments offer far better value. As well as being better value for nightly rates, serviced apartments are also much more cost effective when booking for long stays, as beyond a duration threshold the tax applied is reduced, passing on a discount to you and your business. This is especially useful for colleagues relocating to a new city and in need of temporary housing while awaiting a permanent residence.

What do I need to know about staying in Dongguan?

Part of the Pearl River Delta megacity – which has more than 44 million inhabitants – Dongguan is a significant industrial city in China. As the city seeks foreign direct investment, it is considered to be more progressive than other Chinese cities. As a result, the demand for corporate serviced apartments in Dongguan is increasing.


Reaching Dongguan is easy to achieve as the city is served by three airports including the Hong Kong International Airport. It is worth noting that travel from Hong Kong to Dongguan requires visas and immigration checks. The city is also well supported by a strong rail network, and Dongguan is regional railway hub as the three key railways in the area converge there.


Although classed as having a warm climate, Dongguan experiences high levels of rain year round, with the most (an average of 274mm) falling in August. The average annual temperature is 22.5 degrees centigrade and peaks in July where the average is 28.9.

What else is Dongguan known for?


Dongguan is renowned for its manufacturing industry, and hosts a number of facilities owned by major corporations such as Samsung, Nokia, Coca-Cola and Nestle. The city is the fourth largest export region in China, and as previously mentioned encourages foreign direct investment which attracts many international companies to locate businesses in the region. One example of this is Brazilian shoe manufacturers setting up and investing in the region. 

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